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Comics A.M. | DC to promote $2.99 comics, Eisner family pledges to museum

DC Comics

Publishing | DC Comics will roll out a marketing campaign next month in support of its new $2.99 price initiative. The campaign, apparently revealed in a communique to retailers, will include online banners, ads in January issues of Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comic Shop News and Wizard, in-book ads, and in-store posters, shelf talkers and cards. [Crimson Monkey]

Libraries | The Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation has pledged $250,000 over five years to the new Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum facility, part of the Sullivant Hall renovation at The Ohio State University. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Broadway | The father of Christopher Tierney, the 31-year-old aerialist who fell a week ago during a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, offers a full account of his son’s injuries: a hairline fracture in his skull, a broken scapula, a broken bone close to his elbow, four broken ribs, a bruised lung and three fractured vertebrae. Timothy Tierney said his son underwent back surgery on Wednesday, and took his first steps on Friday with the aid of a brace and walker. Doctors are “cautiously optimistic” that Christopher Tierney will eventually resume his performing career. [Arts Beat]

Captain America #602

Politics | Salon includes last February’s Captain America-tea party controversy in its rundown of “the year in trumped-up pseudo-scandals.” []

Best of the year | Dave Ferraro selects the 10 best manga of 2010. [Comics and More]

Best of the year | Lore Sjöberg names the best new webcomics of 2010, from Axe Cop to Bad Machinery to Scenes From a Multiverse. [Underwire]

Best of the year | Chantaal and Dee at Girls Read Comics Too choose the best comics of the year, divided into categories. [Girls Read Comics Too]

Retailing | Kris Turner briefly spotlights Comic Relief in Flint, Mich. [The Flint Journal]

Brenda Starr

Comic strips | R.C. Harvey begins a two-part essay on Brenda Starr, which ends its 70-year run on Sunday. []

Creators | Steve Niles talks about his collaborations with horror legend Bernie Wrightson: “Every Friday night Bernie and I have a Scrabble night at my house with his wife Liz and my girlfriend Monica. Really, these books came out of those nights with us talking plot points between Scrabble turns and pizza and beer. If we laughed, it went in the book. I know this sounds a little to simple, but the friendship plays so much into the collaboration now it’s almost too fun to call work.” [Hero Complex]

Creators | Robert Kirkman chats briefly about the success of The Walking Dead television series, and his plans for 2011. [The Courier-Journal]

Gerard Way

Creators | My Chemical Romance frontman and comics writer Gerard Way talks about his favorite music, comics, prose and more. [The New York Times]

Comics | Douglas Wolk recounts what he’s grateful for in comics: “The general shift toward the rights of individual creators is a very good long-term sign. The most talked-about comics-inspired projects in other media this year were Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead–all of which are properties owned by the particular people who created them. That’s a huge change.” [Techland]

Comics | Ben Morse assembles a Jewish Justice League. [The Cool Kids Table]



How about promoting cheap and current digital comics? That’s something I could get behind!

$3 books? Big deal.

Go back to $2 a book; you’ll get more people picking up more books. That’s how much that filler-filled Larfleeze X-Mas Special should have been worth.

Where is the intrepid comic book website reporter who will investigate to justify the costs of publishing each book on a per page / per panel / per book / per publisher basis, taking into account variations based on talent and character popularity, among other variables?

And DC’s campaign promoting comics /outside of/ direct market stores and industry-specific news sources consists of . . . ?

“And DC’s campaign promoting comics /outside of/ direct market stores and industry-specific news sources consists of . . . ?”

That’s why I came back here to wonder about…

I wonder if DC will also incude that each $2.99 comic will also be two story content pages shorter…in those ad campaigns…just wonderin.’

This is ridiculous folks. First everyone complains that comics at $3.99 are overpriced. Now everyone is complaining about a company that is actually doing something to respond to the customer demands. So what if the books are 2 pages shorter. Maybe if some of you went back and looked at some of the older books you would realize that comics have not always been 22 pages.
You guys are pure geniuses. Stop moaning and put your money where your mouth is. Stop downloading content illegally! If you think the big two are gonna offer their digital content at a reduced rate you are morons. If you like reading it, PAY FOR IT!
Thank you DC for at least making an attempt to please your readers. Kiss my rear marvel for misleading consumers on your business practices.

That Spidey aerialist is lucky to be alive! As for $2.99, it’s good to read but the only pricing I’m stoked about is Dark Horse’s $1.49 for digital! Finally, a company that gets it.

So DC is going to advertise to people who ALREADY KNOW that their comics will stay @$2.99 and NOT to those outside the industry?!?

Way to go guys…

2.99 still too high in this economy

December 27, 2010 at 9:59 pm

2.99 for a 22 page story is just too much $ PERIOD!
Yes i said TWO 99.

should be $2 bucks.

Standard monthlies are part of a dragged out never ending story that gets wrapped up in a CHEAPER graphic novel that i can get again EVEN CHEAPER from So why should i bother to spend 3 bucks on an incomplete story??

Your average MARVEL & DC superhero title is RECYCLED nonsense that is put together by a commitee anyway. ABSOLUTELY NO story content has any lasting effect to ANY of the characters AT ALL.
ALL major shakeups to any character is forgotten in about a yr or less.
ALL dead characters come back — in about a yr or less.
ALL current storylines in EVERY SINGLE superhero comic being published by MARVEL OR DC has already been done in the last 10-15 yrs .

SO why should i feel lucky to pay 3 bucks for recycled nonsense? ( that i can get cheaper with more content in a few months)

Then why do you even buy comics if you hate them so much? LOL

Peter Morningstar

December 28, 2010 at 10:16 am

Nice to see so many Marvel Editors and Staffers online under their assumed names, slagging off DC’s Brilliant Sales Initiative of Reducing Comic Prices to $2.99!
Guess the November Sales Figures and Dollar Percentages must be hitting a real raw nerve over at the House of Greed!

I am glad DC is at least trying to help out readers unlike Marvel. I for one will be cutting down my number of Marvel subscriptions as a result (possibly add more DC). I will probably keep some of the bigger tittles like Avengers, Spidey, etc but stop Thunderbolts, Black Panther, Avengers academy etc.

“Nice to see so many Marvel Editors and Staffers online under their assumed names, slagging off DC’s Brilliant Sales Initiative of Reducing Comic Prices to $2.99!”

I’m loath to support conspiracy theories of any kind, but that would actually explain all the negativity over something that clearly can only be good for the industry, not to mention us fans. How so many people can find some kind of fault with what DC are doing this year in drawing a line in the sand… sorry, I’m stumped.

Way to look a gift horse, guys. :(

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