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Comics A.M. | Tintin hearing delayed, copyright ruling ignored


Legal | A Belgian court has postponed until next week a hearing in the months-long trial over whether to ban Tintin in the Congo because of its racist portrayals of native Africans. The legal battle was launched three years ago by Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo, a Congolese man living in Belgium, who wants the book removed from the country’s bookstores, or at least sold with warning labels as it is in Britain. An anti-racism group joined Mondondo in seeking the ban. Wednesday’s scheduled hearing was postponed after one of the plaintiffs withdrew from the case; however, the article doesn’t say which one. [Expatica]

Legal | Cartoonist Rich Koslowski discovers that winning a copyright-infringement lawsuit against a company that used his artwork without permission didn’t end the matter. More than a year later, Ontario-based Geeks Galore Computer Center still hasn’t complied with the judge’s order, and continues to use Koslowski’s art in signage and advertising. [Eye on Comics]

Publishing | Andy Runton’s new full-color hardcover Owly & Wormy: Friends All Aflutter! will be released in March by Simon & Schuster, under a license from Top Shelf. [Top Shelf, via The Beat]


Publishing | Jason Woods picks apart Marvel’s new “Architects” initiative promoting the contributions of such creators as Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman: “Don’t think for a second people in the industry don’t already know the score. Do you think other writers needed an official announcement from on high that Bendis was a big dog? Or that Brubaker (who has won a boatload of Eisners in recent years) is a key cog in the wheel? People in the industry understand who is who. And if they’re being honest with themselves, they know where they sit in the pantheon. But that doesn’t mean they like being formally reminded of it by their employer.” [iFanboy]

Retailing | Lincoln, Nebraska, retailer Comic World will close on Dec. 23 after 18 years in business. [Lincoln Journal Star]

Creators | Roger Stern is profiled in advance of his appearance on Sunday at the Indianapolis Comic Book and Toy Convention. [Indianapolis Star]

Comics | Kenton Smith recommends a handful of graphic novels as holiday gifts. [SEE]



So… these Marvel Architects… any of them tearing down Pennsylvania Station? Who’s playing the role of Jane Jacobs? Which one is Robert Moses? I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. But I wonder what interstate freeways Marvel will build which will alter established neighborhoods.

The reaction to the “Marvel Architect” article was a typical fanboy whine-fest, when they misinterpreted the whole thing. “Marvel Architects” is not about status or ego, but about plot and storylines being laid out now that affects future storylines. Yet leave it to the whine-fest entitled cry babies to attempt to twist it into something negative with their opinions. It’s just comics, people are suppossed to have fun, not whine about every single detail.

iFanboy lost alot of credibility in the comments section when various posters pointed out numerous points to the contrary. They’ve been suffering for a while now as a website with valid content.

As if we needed another self-righteous fanboy around to call other fanboys “whiners.”

You’re not better than anyone else, bub.


THANK YOU. Always good to know there is still people out there with common sense and logic. I’ll admit i’m a Marvel nut and I only read GL and Flash currently from DC, but man do people need to get over themselves here. I read the annoucement on newsarama and all i could think about was what are these secret ongoings Brubaker and Hickman are doing!

I don’t get the rage, it’s not like it isn’t public knowledge the creative freedom these guys get at Marvel. Not like DC doesn’t do the same thing with Johns, Morrision and JMS.

I’m unsure what what this “architects” thing is suppose to do other than suggest some people’s work is more important than others…shouldn’t the work speak for itself, though?

All of those creators got to where they are presumably by writing good stories, and will continue to do that. Do they now need a special label to tell people their stories are good?

Surely, promotion is better spent hyping creators/books people don’t know about rather than ones they’re already buying?

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