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Comics A.M. | Troubled St. Louis retailer found murdered


Crime | A St. Louis retailer involved in an armed standoff in October when police attempted to arrest him on rape and weapons charges was found murdered Tuesday in a Missouri state park. Kenneth McClure, who operated Legends Comics & Sports Cards for more than two decades, was discovered shot to death about three hours after he failed to appear for a routine court hearing. Police say McClure’s 1992 Chevrolet Camaro was seen leaving the park Tuesday after the shots were fired, then found abandoned Wednesday morning.

The charges against the 57-year-old McClure stemmed from alleged sexual encounters with a 13-year-old girl between June 2008 and June 2009 at the comic store, where he lived in the basement. McClure recently gave Legends Comics to his nephew Everett “Sonny” McClure III. [Post-Dispatch]

Creators | Christopher Irving begins a multi-part profile of Frank Miller, who’s asked whether he might some day return to Daredevil: “It’s so funny—if you’d asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said ‘No’ about Batman, Daredevil, about anything. Now, I’m realizing that I have this eternal love for these characters. With Batman, I already know what I’d do next. … And with Daredevil? He’ll show up and knock on my door when the time is right.” [Graphic NYC]

The Unwritten, Vol. 1

Best of the year | Flashlight Worthy consults such bloggers Brigid Alverson, Matthew J. Brady, Joe McCulloch, Tucker Stone and David Welsh for its best graphic novels of 2010. [Flashlight Worthy]

Internet | Michael Moreci spotlights Comics Pipeline, the new website created by former Shadowline editor Kris Simon to give subscribers access to unpublished work by creators like Ben Templesmith, Jimmie Robinson, Tyler Kirkham and Talent Caldwell. “Comics Pipeline answers the long-time question, ‘What is the next step in the evolution of comics in today’s digital age?’” Simon says. “If you had to reinvent the comic book industry today, how should it be done? Readers nowadays want more than panels on a page…. They want exclusive insights into the creative process, the ability to pull up content on the run.” [Underwire]

Comics | Cyriaque Lamar and Douglas Wolk offer their comic-book gift suggestions for the holidays. [, Techland]

From a Japanese HIV/AIDS pamphlet

Comics | Christopher Butcher posts scans of Japanese HIV/AIDS pamphlets illustrated by such artists as Echigoya Shinnosuke and Sansuke Yamada. [Comics212]

Comics | Bully takes a look at business cards in superhero comics. [Comics Oughta Be Fun!]

Conventions | Beth Perdue previews the Southcoast Toy and Comic Show, which will be held Sunday in Fairhaven, Mass. [SouthCoastToday]

Fandom | Cory Stieg spotlights New York University’s The Comic Book League, a club for comics fans. “The comic book industry is dying, and it’s aware it’s dying,” says freshman David Jacobs. “And this awareness is accelerating the fact. For whatever reason, people just don’t read comics anymore.” [Washington Square News]



Dear Lord, if there’s anything I’ve learned from “DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN” and “ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN,” it’s that I don’t want Frank Miller going anywhere NEAR Daredevil ever again….

Amen to that Brother.

thats why comics are dying kids, i understand miller is a bit…redundant. but please, open your feeble minds a bit more and widen your horrizons or there may not be a comic book in a few decades..

I’d rather see someone who hasn’t done a take on the character give DD a crack. I know it’ll probably never happen, but dare I say Morrison?

I’d read Miller back on DD.

I hope he gets back to some more mainstream stuff.

Comics aren’t dying, they’re evolving, and digital comics are a big part of that evolution.

I’ve meet that guy when I lived in STL, he was a dirtbag. Hit on my girlfriend when I was 15!

People have been saying for years that comics are dying. First it was trades, they were going to kill the need and desire for the monthly books. That hasn’t happened and never will
Now it’s this ‘digital comics’ crap. This won’t kill the industry either. Just like digital downloads will never replace the DVD or Blu-Ray Disc more people would rather have a physical product in their hand than a ‘digital copy’ on their computer that can be deleted at any moment.

Trades are PART of the industry. As much as I don’t like them, digital ‘comics’ are part of it now too. Neither will replace or kill comics as we know them but will be part of the bigger picture.

Comics aren’t dying but the old business model is having its’ death rattle. As long as digital comics stay at $2.99 the transition will be painful. Once the price is dropped to .99 and bypassing Diamond, comics will expand exponentially. The collector market will push up print copies as more people by digital.

Hi I’m Kenneth McClure. You might remember me from such statutory rapes as,….

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