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Conan O’Brien and Bruce Timm debut The Flaming C

On last night’s show, talk show host Conan O’Brien visited his neighbors at Warner Bros. Animation and chatted with Creative Director Peter Girardi about various DC Comics characters, including “cowboy dandy” Bat Lash, Ultra the Multi-Alien and Captain Boomerang. He then worked with legendary animator Bruce Timm to create his own alter ego, The Flaming C. Check it out below:



Yes, yes, comic characters sure look silly and effeminate. Sigh. Man, when the audience immediately started laughing at Bat Lash, I knew exactly what kind of bit we were in for. And that was even before the gay jokes.

There are *plenty* of things to make fun of about comics. But this just feels like a classic example of people making fun of things because they ARE comics. I was tired of this lazy “point and laugh at the nerd stuff” humor by the 90’s.

Eh, all the more reason to prefer Craig Ferguson. Sure, he makes fun of Aquaman (the biggest target for lazy comedy for non-comic fans and fans alike), but at least he made him a recurring character. Plus, he sang a history of “Doctor Who” set to the theme, and has amazing banter with Stan Lee.

Ed (Jack Norris)

December 10, 2010 at 6:15 pm

Oh, don’t be such a big baby.
Next, you’ll admit to being the kind of fan who’s still indignant over the Adam West Batman show.

Ultra the Multi-Alien will always be awesome.

Next in Flash: Captain Boomerang visits Coco. It will be like the Joker on David Endochrine, just watch.

John – perhaps it’s not clear if you didn’t watch Conan regularly over theyears, but he is a huge geek and relate to that generation of us who will poke fun at our own geekiness in self deprecating ways, not as an outsider looking in. The joke is often in the irony, being the geek and claiming to be suave and “hip” (“keep cool my babies”), or being the geek and poking fun at geeks and nerds as if you were a jock (usually then pointing out just how geeky or awkward he himself is).

That same episode, Conan compared himself to Benton Quest from the 60s Johnny Quest cartoon (and showed a picture after a break to confirm the comparison). He has also had a Black Aquaman character in the recurring Spiderman musical bit they’ve been doing throughout the week.

I love Ferguson, the Doctor Who theme song was awesome, as are all the nerdist-indulgent bits they do, but Conan’s humour is a bit more sophisticated than it may first seem, if you give it the chance.

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