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Darwyn Cooke covers Love and Capes

Love and Capes cover by Darwyn Cooke

I’m looking forward to the return of Thom Zahler’s Love and Capes next February, when IDW will begin publishing the previously self-published comic. And I guess one of the advantages to moving to a bigger publisher is that you have stable mates like Darwyn Cooke, who provides the cover to issue #3 of the new mini-series, Love and Capes: Ever After. IDW Publsiher Chris Ryall posted the cover on his blog, and notes that Tom Beland and Chris Bailey will provide covers for the five-issue series as well.



Look beautiful! Thom’s LOVE AND CAPES is a charming series, and deserves some attention!

Love Thom’s take on romance. Great reading

Great reading for all ages. Would make a nice series instead of all the reality shows on tv.

Looks more like J Bone, weird to see Cooke switch his style up like that. Really nice though.

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