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Grab a pawful of early and rare Bill Watterson art

Bill Watterson: The College Years

Bill Watterson: The College Years

Face it, tiger-lovers — you just hit the jackpot: Check out this terrific gallery of early and rare art by Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson. Included are pieces from the Kenyon College yearbook and student newspaper, covers from the political-cartooning journal Target, Watterson’s own editorial cartoons from the Cincinnatti Post, illustrations for an essay in The Comics Journal, self-portraits, a collection of Calvin & Hobbes sketches, and much more. The site design indicates that this is about a million Internet years old and thus many of you may have seen it before, but I sure haven’t, and it’s great way to see whole new side of Watterson — and a demonstration that his chops were ample even at a tender age.

(via Andrew Sullivan and Gavon Laessig)


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These old comics have a real George Booth vibe to them. Not in terms of tone or subject but in style, the way he draws facial expressions and body language and clutter. The “ripping squirrels limb from limb” one in particular is EXACTLY like a Mrs. Ritterhouse cartoon.

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