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It’s hard out here for a cartoonist: Michael Kupperman edition

What kind of sociopathic monster would not want to pay the man who made this?

What kind of sociopathic monster would not want to pay the man who made this?

“Considering a career in illustration? The money now is LESS than in 1980s, + you spend half your time chasing it cuz NOONE WANTS TO PAY YOU.”

— The great cartoonist and illustrator Michael Kupperman, whose Tales Designed to Thrizzle is legitimately one of the funniest comics ever made, serves up some real talk on Twitter. Congress failing to extend unemployment benefits is still the most depressing thing I read about the economy this week, but Michael Kupperman — Michael Kupperman! — having a hard time getting paid to draw things is a close second.



Sad but true…

Mr. Kupperman is a genius.

If your art is worth anything, you will make money. If not, tough shit. Get a job at Wal-Mart.
We live in a world that made millionares out of guys like Rob Liefeld, and Todd Macfarlane, so come on, any slightly talented hack can make money off their art if they have the stuff to do so.
If you don’t, get a job.

Reality out.

An artist is having trouble making ends meet? Obviously this is the fault of internet pirates. Someone get a law passed so everyone in comics can be wealthy.

“We live in a world that made millionares out of guys like Rob Liefeld, and Todd Macfarlane…”

Not anymore we don’t. That world imploded years ago.

I take great offense at Madmike’s comment. I’ve seen a lot of great artists/freelancers that don’t make hardly anything off their work. The average freelancer’s competing against stock art and the flood of hungry art school grads that get kicked out every year. It’s flooded. Much like the market is for law students right now.

Digital stock art and the usage of digital graphics programs like Photoshop have destroyed the illustration market. Finishing the job that color photography started. Couple that with sites like that devalue the work even more by freelancers low-balling it for work.

Not to mention the dwindling editorial market (magazines, newspapers, etc.) Images getting ripped off from the internet and sold on t-shirts. Yeah, it’s that bad and you should think about this stuff before you post something snide like that.

I hardly ever get paid to do comics–and I’ve penned about 200 pages of stuff in the past year and a half. I get a little money once a year, from a publisher in France, but here, I get bupkis. It IS rough out there–although, even more so for a cartoonist who is pretty much ignored in his own country.

Tom, illustrators have been competing against stock art since, well, always. Photoshop hasn’t destroyed anything. It’s CREATED an entirely new way to illustrate. Digital illustration hasn’t taken away from traditional artists, it’s just put a premium on their services. The illustration is a living medium. We’re watching it evolve faster and faster, and as artists, we have to adapt with it.

Yeah, the industry is bad, but it’s been a hard industry from the beginning hasn’t it? The Golden Age of Illustration ended, like, 30 years ago. As much as I don’t agree with Madmike’s delivery, I agree that if your art is good, you’ll make it through. Eventually. Nothing happens overnight in the art world.

This just in! Being an artist can be a difficult field to earn money in! Full story at 11!

Being an artist has always been a shitty idea on paper but people try to do it cos they love it.
It sucks cos it prevents some people from being able to produce more great work, but in a way its nice cos it filters out a lot all the people who dont really want to do it.

Im just grateful that we have as many good artist working today as we do

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