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Kate Beaton’s New York Diary

from "New York Sketches" by Kate Beaton

The Big Apple giveth, the Big Apple taketh away: After losing what would have been her latest Hark, a Vagrant! comic strip somewhere on the streets of SoHo, cartoonist Kate Beaton made lemonade out of lemons by instead posting “New York Sketches” — a sizeable selection of diary-comic strips about her life and times in New York City. From attending the New York Comic Con (see above) to dealing with drunk and disorderly fellow New Yorkers to assuaging the fears of her mom back in Nova Scotia, it’s a fun little portrait of the artist as she navigates the concrete jungle where dreams are made of [sic].



With regards to the last “sic,” I remember listening to a Grammar Girl podcast where she was in full support of ending sentences in prepositions. If you leave off the preposition or try to modify the preposition so that it’s used properly, it completely modifies the meaning of what you’re trying to say. Plus I think there are some grammatical style guides out there that say ending sentences in a preposition are fine.

Long story short: your English teacher is wrong. Dead wrong.

I appreciate the [sic]. I might do that the next time I’ve written myself into a preposition corner.

Sean, do I have to pay you a fee for that?

Oh and Kate’s work is awesome as ever!

Interesting that the same panel – the one that sneers at male comic fans – was used at Journalista.

Interesting that in two separate viewings of that panel I never thought of the character as male.

Well, the artwork is crap.

Interesting that in two separate viewings of that panel I never thought of the character as male.

I didn’t either. I thought it was a chubby woman with pigtails and glasses. Maybe wearing a camisole, based on the straps over the shoulders.

1) I figured Sean put the “sic” there because the “of” isn’t needed … and in fact changes the sentiment of that sentence. “…as she navigates the concrete jungle where dreams are made” makes more sense, doesn’t it?

2) I also thought that was a woman in the panel above. is the “Hug me” thing that’s been going on at cons more of a male or female thing, or does it cross both genders?

@JK Parkin: I think it does change the sentiment of the sentence. “…dreams are made” assumes that it’s the dreams themselves being made, while “… dreams are made of” is more about the contents (ingredients?) of the dreams rather than the dreams itself. So leaving the “of” off does change the meaning, don’t you think. Replace dreams with something more tangible — let’s go with the “ingredients” theme and say “cakes” — and it becomes more obvious. There’s a difference between “… cakes are made” and “… cakes are made of”, don’t you think?

Dreams are made of what, not of where.

Glad someone could inject man-baiting accusations into the discussion, too, along with the notion that Kate Beaton can’t draw.

Sometimes I despair.

The hug thing is both genders, although it started with a guy.

Check out the never-wrong Wikipedia for more:

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