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Marvel officially announces CrossGen imprint, first titles

Ruse #1

After months of teases, Marvel has officially announced a new imprint, CrossGen, as well as the first two titles and their creative teams.

Ruse #1 by Mark Waid and Mirco Pierfederici, with a cover by Butch Guice and Mike Perkins, debuts in March. Waid and Guice worked on Ruse back when it was published by the original CrossGen circa 2001. Joining Ruse is Sigil, written by Mike Carey and drawn by Leonard Kirk. Both are four-issue miniseries.

“SIGIL is epic fantasy on a colossal scale, ultimately spanning the whole of human history,” Carey told “It tells the story of a young girl who has inherited a unique talent and destiny from her dead mother and has also been enlisted without her knowledge or understanding in a war that spans all of space and time. The amazing Leonard Kirk is our [artist], so when I throw around all these adjectives about huge scope and epic scale, you know I’m not kidding.”

“Simon [may be] the world’s greatest detective, but he’s overlooking a mystery that’s right under his nose: the secret that Emma is keeping would floor him,” Waid told the site. “Together, they solve impossible crimes in a series that’s a little Fantastic Four, a little Sherlock Holmes, and a lot of mystery. This may be the most fun I’ve ever had writing.”

Founded in 1998 by Florida entrepreneur Mark Alessi, CrossGen featured a line of titles in a variety of genres with a shared universe, or “Sigilverse,” with characters broadly linked by the Sigils they received. The first wave of comics launched in 2000 with Sigil, the fantasies Meridian, Mystic and Scion, and the “untold tales” anthology CrossGen Chronicles. Later additions included the Victorian detective series Ruse, the contemporary horror Route 666, the pirate adventure El Cazador, the fantasy Sojourn and the wuxia comedy Way of the Rat. CrossGen filed for bankruptcy in 2004. Later that same year, Disney bought the company’s assets for $1 million. Marvel began teasing the return of CrossGen last summer at Comic-Con International in San Diego.



Very cool! Can’t wait ’till March!

Come on! We want Chueng and Marz on SCION!

This is kinda cool. :)

Part of me really wishes that Marvel could do this with the old Malibu stuff. I would love to see a new Rune comic, and I bet that Prime would do well too.

Ooh, we knew about Waid and that should be a fun book. But Mike Carey on Sigil is also very exciting.

crap; does this mean Kirk is off New Muties?

Unfortunately Mark, Ron Marz is exclusive to Top Cow for awhile. I did love the Marz Chung run on Scion as it was once my favorite CG book (Negation took the top spot later on).

It would be nice if Marvel finished off the Negation War (but I won’t hold my breath).

Scion > Way of the Rat > Scion > Brath

Meh – whatever. Do we really need yet another pointless universe that will last a year or two at most? There are so many other “issues” the comic industry needs to address than to release more pointless books.

Good start. I like that they are starting fresh and that they are doing them as mini-series. Plus, I LOVE that they are priced at $2.99.

However, I do want some big, chunky collections of the original series, as well as some attempt to give closure to those tales. But I agree that it’s mostly a pipe dream at this point.

Kevin: Good News! If you don’t want to read them, guess what? No one is going to make you! And please retire “meh”. It’s possibly the most overused phrase out there.

Can you give me an example of a comic that does have a “point”? Isn’t the “point” just telling good stories?

I’m really happy about this. As a whole I loved the universe, it had a few clunkers, but all in all, Crossgen was as big a staple in my pull list as Image & Vertigo….

A mixed blessing. Very happy to have Crossgen back, but losing Kirk from New Mutants is a heavy price.

I’m surprised “Sigil” is one of the launch titles, since I always thought the original book was Crossgen’s least interesting. Sounds like this book is using the Sigil mythology for something entirely new, though, something that seems right up Carey’s alley.

Too bad they’re only mini-series. :-(

Looking forward to Negation and Sojourn, if they ever return…

Brian from Canada

December 16, 2010 at 9:00 am

Happy that they’re back, wish they were more than mini-series.

As for Kirk being off New Mutants, he may only be off for a single arc or not at all, it all depends on how this would fit into his schedule.

Bring me some “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and I’ll be a happy camper.

For the comment about Marz and Chueng on Scion…. Chueng is currently working on Young Avengers, and it’s currently scheduled to take up to 18 months (and not to be too negative, but between Heilburg and Chueng, it’s almost guarenteed to have delays!)

Well the question is Kirk coming back to New Mutants after the Age of X arc? if thats the case, in theory of course, he would have time to draw Sigil while that being set up.

Ruse is BACK!

Why can’t Marvel bring back the old Malibu universe? I mean if they can give Gross-Gen another shot,why not those great cast of characters?

There are vague legal issues that keep Marvel from using the Malibu characters.

I’m glad to see the CrossGen announcement. High-profile, non-superhero concepts are sorely needed, and the creative teams look very solid.

My hope is that they’ll be ditching the “shared universe” aspect, though. It seemed forced and unnecessary the first time around, and risks turning off readers who just want to read one book at a time.

But wait — is there ALSO going to be a Ruse omnibus at some point in the near future, reprinting all the previous stuff? I dig there is going to be a new tale (ongoing? series of mini series?) but all of us want to see/purchase the Cross Gen stuff collected…

I wish instead of vague legal issues there were either clear cut ones (creator 1 is arguing over ownership rights) or something a little more solid. The occasional response that from on high that things are just too complicated to sort out doesn’t really work. Although fans realize that there’s probably not a lot of money to be earned from “rescuing” characters from limbo (as DC’s recent Milestone and Red Circle integrations show) it goes a long way toward fan relations and you never know when you’re going to have a breakout. If Marvel “fixed” the rights issues regarding Rune, or Mantra, and with a skilled writer crafted a Vertigo-esque neuvo-monster gothic tale or a semi-serious gender bending magical fantasy, they could be sitting on the next hot movie property.


The perfect scenario: these will be series of miniseries with just enough time inbetween so that they won’t need any fill-in artists. (I really hope Carey gets to build up something long and complex similar to his Vertigo work.) And the original series collected in big fat volumes.

As for Malibu: Marvel/Disney owns the Crossgen characters outright, but would have to make deals with the Malibu creators. Several of those creators–I recall–have said they’re more than willing to, but for Marvel it’s just another wrinkle for an already commercially dubious venture. The Malibu books are superhero books, and those Marvel has plenty of. The various Crossgen genres, not so much.

“Ruse” sounds great. “Sigil”, I’m on the fence with. The only similarities is the name of the main character and title. I hold out hope the new Sam is related to the original Samadahl Rey.

Still, I won’t be entirely satisfied until the return of “Sojourn,” or “Meridian.”

This is so cool, but they got it wrong. Sigil does not star a young 16 year. That was meridian. the orginal sigil was awesome and written by Barbara Kesel,Mark Waid & Chuck Dixon. I

RUSE was one of my favorite CrossGen titles and I am stoked it is coming back!

God, I really would return read marvel if they continued with Scion and Way of Rat

Way of the Rat is still one of my favorite comics evar.

Wow, Carey and Kirk is an amazing matchup. Kirk’s been wasted on New Mutants; Carey’s much more suited to Kirk’s talents.

Ruse? $2.99? Yes, please!

They don’t have to bring back all of the Malibu characters. They could bring back with a few tweaks characters like Nightman, Prime, and Hardcase.

Yet more books that will flood the market, and no one will buy.

The original series are collecting dust in boxes all across this great land.

Sounds cool – I’d rather see these than yet another Wolverine book.

I like the idea they’ll be four-issue minis. I think that format might be better for them rather than a bunch of ongoing titles.

I’m taking a wait and see attitude on this. Ruse was not one of my favorite titles, but at least its keeping its original writer and concept.

Sigil is a big disappointment. The original series-by any of its original writers-was one of my favorites. This new series appears to have very little in common with it, other than a few take-offs on the names. Why not just create a new series if that’s what you want to do, instead of throwing out everything from the original?

For those asking for collections of old RUSE issues, the CrossGen trade paperbacks are widely available in the secondary market at low cost. I paid about $12 total for both trades after shipping recently. In fact, there are six used copies of Volume 1 available right now on Amazon for $.01 plus shipping.

I love this news – hopefully these will sell well and pave the way for more of the old titles to come back, hopefully with the same creative teams when possible. Not that I don’t love superheroes, but it would be great to see more quality books of different genres getting the kind of advertising and attention that they deserve. Here’s hoping Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Way of the Rat, and El Cazador come back soon. I also have that pipe dream of the Negation War mini-series actually seeing completion….

I’d like to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang come back, but I think Marvel’d have to wait until Mike Perkins finishes Stephen King’s The Stand series first.

First, Checker Publishing put out a lot of trade paperbacks of all the Crossgen stuff that they never themselves finished so you might be able to as someone else said, find nice prices on Amazon/Ebay/etc. I believe they finished collecting Ruse.

As for Malibu, the simple reasoning why you don’t see Ultraverse characters (no matter how many times Quesada loves to say this isn’t the reason yet won’t say anything else) is that the deals the creators had in profit sharing of anything to do with the characters is practically 50/50 they’d have to split with Marvel. The deals were made when Malibu started the Ultraverse, and they were not changed when Marvel bought Malibu.

Marvel will not give ANY creator that kind of piece of the pie, so they don’t do anything with them and pretend they never existed.

This is awesome news. Ruse was one of my absolute favourite CrossGen titles and to have it back is definitely something to look forward to! :)

This news gets me more excited than before for the possible return of Sojourn! I can’t believe I’m anticipating a Greg Land book, but still…

Interesting that they’d do miniseries, I assume it’s to test the waters and get some new-reader friendly trades out there, but I’m surprised that they haven’t announced re-releases for the old stuff yet.

The “vague legal issues” surrounding the Malibu titles is that Marvel would have to pay the original creators royalties. They own the Crossgen stuff outright. Marvel bought Malibu for the express purpose of putting the company out of business. They have no intention of ever using those characters for anything.

´Sigil seems to have an entirely new concept, nothing to do with the original series. Ruse is good news :-))
Still, Scion, Negation and perhaps Soujorn would have been my preferenced series.

The 2,99 price point is a big plus, though.

“Marvel bought Malibu for the express purpose of putting the company out of business”

I thought they bought them to gain access to their coloring process or something like that.

I, too, would love to see the end of Negation..

I remember hearing that Marvel had bought Malibu for their coloring process as well. For a time they did continue to publish books, and even had cross overs with some marvel characters. Thor being part of a imprint wide event comes to mind. So does Prime changing his look after meeting Spiderman.
And I really liked when they dropped Juggernaut in the Malibu-verse, he became a good guy and joined a team of heroes there.
Marvel only brought him back to 616 when they decided to shut down the imprint.
Between that, the character’s appearances in X men as a teacher and his time on the last version of Excalibur. (Captain Britain and MI5, I think) I don’t understand the drastic character change on Thunderbolts.

Also, Marvel pays royalties on many of their characters to the original creators. Deadpool springs to mind as one. I think Liefield gets royalties for Cable as well.
So the idea that it’s simply Marvel not wanting to pay royalties doesn’t seem to add up.

So.. Will they be reviving/continuing the best part of the CrossGen titles – the overarching mythos and metaplot? Revealing the revelations we’ve been waiting years to learn about, ever since Negation War ended prematurely? Or are they throwing that all to the wayside and just appropriating the title “Sigil”? Who is this girl, and what are her connections to Samandahll Rey? Or is he being thrown out and forgotten about?

I really liked Ruse when Waid was writing it, and love self-contained books, although I’ll admit that what struck me at the time was the highest quality arts that I had ever seen in a comic book, and I don’t know anything about the new artist. I’m looking forward to this.

I would really like to see Sojourn return. This was one of my favorite comics and I could get my daughters interested in reading this comic. I pulled several Crossgen titles when they were publishing. The titles I really liked were Sojourn, Mystic, Meridian, Scion, and Crossgen Chronicles.

Sojourn and Scion are on top of my list. hope they can finish the hanging sojourn story arc and the unpublished sojourn lady death story. A closure to the negation war would be great

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