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New Venom series to blend hardcore violence with international intrigue

Venom #1 (cover art by Joe Quesada)

Venom, Marvel’s salivating alien symbiote, will lay claim to a new ongoing series, and a new host, in March, the publisher announced this morning.

The title, which reunites Fear Agent and Punisher collaborators Rick Remender and Tony Moore, finds the symbiote bonding to a familiar figure — Marvel won’t say who — and working as an operative for the U.S. government.

Remender describes the book as merging “the same brand of ferocious hardcore violence fans of Venom would expect with the international high-adventure of The Bourne Identity, globe trotting from bleak Eastern European war zones to exotic Marvel Universe locations like the Savage Land. It’s James Bond-style worldwide adventuring with high-stakes espionage, intrigue, fast action and an opening mission that holds the stability of the world in the balance.” In short, the “international adventures of 00Venom.”

The new Venom will be introduced in February’s Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 — that’s one of the self-contained stories in the new “Marvel: Point One” initiative — before leaping into his new series the following month.

Since debuting in 1988, Venom has become one of the more popular members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery and, indeed, the Marvel Universe, starring in more than 20 miniseries and one-shots. However, this new title will be only the second ongoing series for Venom, after the 2003 comic launched as part of Marvel’s short-lived Tsunami imprint.

See some of Moore’s concept art for Venom after the break:

Venom concept art by Tony Moore

Venom concept art by Tony Moore

Venom concept art by Tony Moore



Rick Remender and Tony Moore? sold.

So more than likely it’ll be a character from Spider-Man (John Jameson?), I’m sure, as the new Venom, but you know who would be a great fit for this? Former U.S. Agent John Walker. Give’em the Venom suit to get him out of the wheel chair he’s in over in Thunderbolts, and let him serve the government again.

I think we can consider the Heroic Age dead now, right?

Looks like it’ll be Flash Thompson. That’s my thought, at least.

It’s sure to be a character from Spider-Man but it shouldn’t be a usual suspect. I think it would be the most awesome thing in the world if it turned out to be Flash Thompson. It would be a good riff on his soldier past and a way to get him more actively involved in the Spider-Man universe.

Of course, it could detract from the brilliant stories done with a handicapped Flash but I still think it would be pretty cool to see more of him.

JK Parkin, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking as I was reading this! U.S. Agent seems like the perfect candidate to me as well.

This concept was briefly done with Eddie Brock back in the middle to late 1990’s.

Looking at the picture, Venom doesn’t have any feet.. I mean, he has NO TOES.. weird

Man, I’ve always hated the drooly-monstrous Venom design, but I LOVE the design for the secret agent Venom. Very cool.

The Coolest Dad (tm)

December 9, 2010 at 11:50 am

The new Venom is going to be the Red Hulk LOL

New Venom = Marvel Universe Punisher

Personally, the concept and designs made me think of Haunt.

Looking at JQ’s cover image makes it seem more like Flash Thompson as the new Venom. He’s drawn it so there is no feet on the character or the character is coming up out of the ground somehow.

Its Matt Murdock.

Oh joy, just what we need, another ultra violent grim and gritty superhero comic aimed at a very narrow and rapidly shrinking comic book reading audience made up mostly of older teens and adults, and featuring a former popular character who can’t sustain/carry his own solo book. I give this series between 6 and 12 issues before it is canceled.

This concept was briefly done with Eddie Brock back in the middle to late 1990′s.


Yep, by Larry Hama in that series of Venom mini series he wrote. It was actually a decent (not great) story.

Notice how the current Marvel editorial regime and their creators have been rehashing many of the story ideas from the 90’s.

Thanks for your contribution, Blade X. I’m sure we all feel a little wiser now.

I’m guessing Frank Castle.

i was thinkin’ it was the Punisher, but he’s been through enough crazy crap for awhile. my guess now is either John Jameson, Flash Thompson, or possibly even the Prowler. We haven’t seen that guy in awhile.

One thing…. please do not draw Venom with those ugly eyes.

This stinks. I don’t know how the “Venom going black ops” idea came to these guys, but I sure hope the comic won’t last long. I really hope this Venom won’t stick around too long, either, before the symbiote just changes host again.

Did Venom and Deadpool have some kind of freaky alien love child?

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