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Ohio’s Department of Transportation calls upon Green Lantern’s light

Green Lantern: Rebirth

In what has to be the strangest government press release in a while, the Ohio Department of Transportation announced this morning it’s turning to Green Lantern to protect its snowplows. Well, a Green Lantern.

“Taking a cue from the comic book superhero who uses green light to protect the people of Earth,” the release begins, “the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is hoping a Green Lantern will protect its snowplows from a dangerous spike in crashes this season.”

Citing 63 instances of drivers crashing into snowplows in just the first month of winter weather — that’s up from 57 for all of last winter — ODOT has proposed in its 2012-2013 budget request for the use of green lanterns (flashing LED lights) atop snow-removal equipment: “Research indicates that green lights have a better visibility in snowy, wintery conditions.”

Too bad the proposal isn’t for this year; ODOT might’ve been able to strike a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment for a movie cross-promotion — complete with a ready-made slogan: “In snowiest day, in blackest night, no snowplow shall escape your sight.”

(via The Plain Dealer)



i do news in Ohio, and it’s been so slow this week. when i saw this story on the Ohio AP wire yesterday, i made sure my stories also talked about keeping snow plows safe “in brightest day, in blackest night.”

news nerds have so few opportunities to let our freak flags fly. we have to jump on them every chance we get.

Just for the trivia: the ORIGINAL Green Lantern, the one from the 1940’s, was inspired by the green lanterns used as semaphore lights in railroads at the time. So this is just coming around full circle. :)

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