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Quote of the day #2 | “Comics are the literature of outcasts”

“Comics are so often seen as the province of white geeky nerds. But, more broadly, comics are the literature of outcasts, of pariahs, of Jews, of gays, of blacks. It’s really no mistake that we saw ourselves in Doom, Magneto or Rogue.”

The Atlantic‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates on the influence of superhero comics on hip-hop culture and marginalized people in general. “I tell you [Jim Shooter’s writing in Secret Wars] was Faulkner to me,” he says. “I’m 35 years old, and I’m still walking around saying to myself, ‘The Beyonder himself is close at hand…'”



“It is not my time, and I am, anyway, filled with ego, filled with the need to explore the caverns I claim as my own. But still, with expectation, I await dispatches from the young, word from the seers who will find genius in this era of “Flavor Of Love.” ”

This is my favorite part. I think he’s dead on with his analysis.

Yeah, I gotta say I agree with pretty much all of that. And I’m 32…

Cheers for posting this here!

As someone who’s always felt like “the other”, i have always found solace in my favorite comic book rebels.

Well, what do you expect when your parents name you Other? :)

I’ve never felt like an outcast. I’ve always loved comics but did things like play sports and had lots of friends. Comics was just the thing that made me different from the crowd that I ran with. I was friends with “outcasts” because of a shared knowledge of things like which countries each of the members of the All-New, All-Different X-Men were from. If not for comics I’m not sure that our social circles would have connected and I’d be the worse for it.

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