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Read The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert from NBC’s The Office

From "The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert"

Perhaps the most poignant moment in last night’s Christmas episode of The Office came when an insecure Pam (Jenna Fischer) finally presented husband Jim (John Krasinski) with The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, the comic she created for him. While the audience could only catch brief glimpses of the book as Pam showed it to her unsupportive co-workers, NBC has now made the first three pages available online.



I accidentally referred to him as a “Bear-wolf” when he’s supposed to be a “Were-Bear”.

A bearwolf would be AWESOME.

Half bear, half wolf. It stalks the forests looking for prey, it howls, it hibernates, it’s the BEARWOLF!

Bearwolf beats Battlestar Galatica

Argh, now I want a copy of this.

By the power of Beets, he is Bearwolf. Intergalactic Howler of Justice.

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