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Take a poster tour of comics’ great cities

Four Freedoms Plaza travel poster, by Justin Van Genderen

Designer Justin Van Genderen has created a beautiful set of comic-book travel posters showcasing Superman’s Metropolis, Batman’s Gotham, Spider-Man’s New York City, the Fantastic Four’s Four Freedoms Plaza and Akira’s Neo Tokyo. All five are available for purchase from Imagekind.

Van Genderen is also responsible for those minimalist posters for Star Wars planets, and the lovely black-and-white trio inspired by Superman II.

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Very interesting that he would choose to revive Four Freedoms Plaza, which Marvel quietly retired in favor of a return to the Baxter Building after, what, barely a dozen years?

Frankly I always thought that FF Plaza got rather shabbily treated, so it’s kind of cool to see it get a little afterlife glory in this way.

I agree, Wraith. As a fan of the Simonson-era Fantastic Four, it always pains me to see Four Freedoms Plaza gone and forgotten. Of course, it was converted into the original Thunderbolts’ HQ post-Onslaught and then abandoned, so any willing writer could theoretically use it again someday.

What of FF Plaza is still relatively in one piece, anyway? I can never remember… The guts of the building were shifted into the Negative Zone, where they were picked over by Annihilus.

I believe the shell of the building was re-purposed as the T-bolts building, and badly damaged in some kind of fight involving them… then teleported to the moon, I think? I can’t remember after that (I had the issues but got rid of them in a purge). Was it blown up or is it still sitting on the lunar surface relatively intact?

I always thought the end of FF Plaza was kind of an architectural version of Ben Reilly’s drawn-out finale: Marvel takes an unwanted creation, beats it to death three or four times over, then disintegrates the pieces just to make sure it’s really out of the way for the return of its “classic” analogue. ;-)

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