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Third actor injured in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Natalie Mendoza

A third actor has been injured in the delay-plagued, and apparently danger-fraught, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

The New York Post reports that Natalie Mendoza, who plays the villain Arachne, received a concussion Sunday night when she was hit in the head by a rope during the show’s problem-filled first preview. Her understudy America Olivo will take over the role through at least Tuesday, according to BroadwayWorld.

This is the third injury for the troubled $65-million musical, which is set to open on Jan. 11: One of several performers who doubles as Spider-Man broke both wrists in October when an aerial stunt went wrong, while another actor broke his foot in a separate incident.The Department of Labor and Actors’ Equity have opened investigations into the maneuver.

Spider-Man isn’t just the most expensive production in Broadway history, but also one of the most technically complex — as was demonstrated during the Sunday preview, when some performers, including Mendoza, were left dangling in the air and crew members rushed to fix faulty equipment.



And people think Macbeth is cursed.

one would think after the first two stunt injuries . the execs would either try and come up with some other way to do the flying stunts like a new rig or just accept that spider man turn off the dark is so cursed with trouble just finaly pull the plug on the whole thing and apoligize to Marvel for the loss of money put into this train wreck.

Ok, this is all viral marketing for the new Christopher Guest movie right?

It’s not cursed, it’s A STUPID IDEA with STUPID and dangerous stunts directed by a woman who seems to have no clue how this looks from the outside. It looks ugly, excessive and now, dangerous.

Are they going to keep this up until someone dies?

Sir Manley Johnson

December 3, 2010 at 11:45 pm

He may be Drunk but he is right.

This is something they should have spent years practicing. From that 60 Minutes piece, it looks like they are just cramming the night before the test.

Hope they are video recording this. It’d make a hell of a documentary on how not to make an eloborate musical play.

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