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Walt Simonson covers the Avengers for Hero Initiative

The Hero Initiative’s latest “100 Covers” promotion focuses on the Avengers, and former Avengers scribe Walt Simonson has contributed a jam piece that mashes together the original Avengers with the crew he wrote circa issue #300 in the late 1980s. Most of these guys should look familiar to most comic fans, but the guy dressed like a minotaur is the Eternal known as The Forgotten One.

You can check out covers by John Romita, Whilce Portacio, Adam Kubert, Alan Davis and many, many more on the Hero Initiative website.

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Also: “Most of these guys should look familiar to most comic fans [aside from] The Forgotten One.”

Naturally enough, right? :-)

I freaking love Gilgamesh. I will totally bid on this cover. I won’t win but I’ll dream about it.

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