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Weaver’s groovy Batman/Diabolik artwork

Batman and Diabolik by Dustin Weaver

SHIELD artist Dustin Weaver shares a piece from his sketchbook that he recently colored, featuring Batman and 1960s Italian comics character Diabolik. And he’s got a pitch for DC …

“I think it would be cool to do a crossover between Batman and the Italian comic character Diabolik and set it in the 60’s,” Weaver wrote on his blog. “I’ve never read a Diabolik comic so my idea of him is completely based off the movie Danger Diabolik. He seems to me to be a lot like Batman, but he’s a bad guy, and his sidekick is his hot girlfriend, Eva. I would want Batman to be a ‘cool version’ of the Adam West Batman. Think the Adam West kind of look with a animated series kind of attitude.”

Click over to his blog to see the whole piece.



seems like the perfect project for Mark Chiarello to head up.

I would buy this in a heartbeat. I have several Diabolik digest-size reissues from Scorpion in the late ’90s. The movie depiction isn’t that far off.

Why do you say “1960s character”? It’s been published uninterruptedly since its creation until today, like Batman, Superman or many other enduring characters.

Calling it a “1960s character” makes as much sense as calling Superman a “1930’s character” or Judge Dredd a “1970’s character.

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