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At long last, the Spider-Man musical has a ‘triumphant’ finale

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (by Annie Leibovitz)

After seven tempestuous weeks of previews during which a temporary, and unsatisfying, ending was used, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has a dramatic new finale.

The New York Times reports the new, technically complex ending features a flying sequence in which Spider-Man flies “in a triumphant manner” around the 1,932-seat Foxwoods Theatre. The change comes in response to complaints that the show’s current ending — Spider-Man and Mary Jane embrace, then the curtain drops — was lackluster at best.

A spokesman for the $65-million musical would only say that the new ending involves “an airborne finale moment that will be familiar to Spider-Man fans around the world.”

Producers announced last Thursday that Spider-Man‘s opening would be delayed a fifth time, to March 15, to allow more time to fine-tune the finale and other aspects of the show. Grammy-winning record producer Steve Lillywhite was also been brought in by Bono and director Julie Taymor to work with the performers on the music.



And this is why the professional critics really are obliged to wait. Or at least to go back on the real opening night and see the final product.

Then again…why didn’t they end it this way in the first place? It seems really obvious.

hope this proves that maybe the curse of that thing is lifted and by some reason the thing can prove why it was a good idea to try it in the first place.

As Mom always used to say “That’s nice dear.”

Sir Manley Johnson

January 20, 2011 at 6:23 pm


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