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DC Comics delays Batwoman #1 until April

Batwoman #1

DC Comics’ Batwoman will undergo another delay, with the publisher moving the series’ debut from February to April.

The news was revealed online yesterday by retailers The Lauchpad and Comics on the Green. “What a surprise,” the latter wrote on the store’s Twitter account. “… It’s a JH Williams book, of course it’s not going to be on time.”

A spokesman for DC, which previewed art from the first issue just two weeks ago, didn’t respond this morning to a request for comment.

The much-anticipated comic, by J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman and Amy Reeder, initially was scheduled to begin in July, but instead DC released a one-shot in November designed to serve as a primer for the ongoing series.

This delay is only the latest bump in the road for the new Batwoman — lesbian socialite Kate Kane — whose introduction in summer 2006 was met with a hail of mainstream-media coverage, perhaps far more than the publisher had anticipated. A long-rumored Batwoman series faced one setback after another until finally, in February 2009, it was confirmed that the long-awaited Batwoman comic by Greg Rucka and Williams would become an arc of Detective Comics, timed to coincide with the “death”-induced absence of Batman. Their tenure ended in December 2009, with Detective #860, followed by a three-issue arc by Rucka and Jock.

The same month their acclaimed “Elegy” arc ended, Rucka revealed he and Williams would continue the story in Batwoman. But in April, Rucka announced he was walking away from the character, and from DC Comics. Less than two weeks later, the publisher confirmed it was still committed to Batwoman, with Williams sharing writing duties with Blackman and art duties with Reeder.

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I think Reeder is a more than capable artist, and I wouldn’t mind at she had to take on the series full-time.

I’ve been a big fan of her work on Madame Xanadu, and her Batwoman Issue #0 was excellent.

Better to delay the release than to have months and months without an issue…happens way too much.

Williams is always a slow artist. Desolation Jones was released bimonthly specifically because of that, and the last arc of Kate’s Detective Comics was drawn by Jock, too. I imagine he needs a little more time, given it’s a monthly book with six issues, but it’ll be well worth it. I forsee Reeder taking over entirely very soon, though.

Wow, do I completely disagree. The only reason I’m really picking this series up is for J.H. Williams III’s artwork. He’s an AMAZING artist, and I’ll wait however long I need to for a finished book. I don’t understand why everyone gets hung up on delayed issues due to artists being behind, etc. Take a look at J.H. Williams art compared to many other comic artists. Of COURSE it’s going to take longer to complete. But I’d much rather have a perfect finished product over a quickly put together (and usually much less quality) book just to get it out in time.

I definitely wouldn’t mind waiting however long to get this book. Williams’ art is the main reason I’m picking this book up. It looks like it’s not going to be tied into any events so it’s not like it needs to be out on a specific deadline. I wouldn’t mind Williams and Reeder to split the art between them on issues like in the #0 issue because I thought that flowed really well.

The delay was made known to retailers in an official correspondence from DC – their weekly e-mail mailer to all retailers. I say these reports can be confirmed.

The only reason I’m buying this comic is for JH William’s artwork. To be honest the first issue let me down. Reeder is a fine artist but next to JHW III’s artwork, there’s just no comparison.

One thing I’ll never get is why artists and/or writers who have a proven track record of being able to handle the responsibilities of a MONTHLY schedule get regularly assigned to MONTHLY (as solicited) books? I mean, I don’t think the slow work means Williams has a poor work ethic or he’s a bad person or anything like that; his art and layouts are gorgeous and if it takes some time, it takes some time. But, with DC having to have known this, why solicit it as a monthly from the get go.

It’s especially frustrating when it happens on books that are supposed to be integral to other storylines and/or events, which winds up screwing more than one title up, but at least that’s not the case here and I think DC is doing the right thing to try and make sure this releases monthly by delaying it a bit, much like I thought it was wise to have Kollins fill in on Flash for two issues to get it caught up (although the latest report from Diamond is that the next few issues are delayed again anyway).

Sucks I’ll have to wait a few extra months, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

I think maybe JHW3 is trying to be too perfect with this project. Just do your best and complete your assignment, JHW3, I’m sure it will be fantastic.

I’m bummed.

DC has KNOWN there has been an issue when it was announced to be coming out “Summer of 2010″ and JHW3 was doing interviews that the book was on track for late 2010. This continued start and stop nonesense will kill any and all interest in Batwoman. DC should wait to solicit this book until there are at last six issues in the can.

@Mushroom Jones: I agree 100% and I think that should ALWAYS be a policy. Too often we see Marvel and DC solicit hot new series or minis or event tie-ins and then within the first month or two, delays abound. Look at Batman: The Dark Knight, Legion of 3 Worlds, Ultimatum, Flash (current volume), Astonishing X-Men, Ultimate X (and no one feed me the line that the artist’s wife was pregnant–she wasn’t pregnant for 19 months! lol), etc.

I think this is perfectly reasonable too. Williams has said in many interviews that he’d like a little more time. And I want him to have it. He’s even said about building in breaks to the release schedule. Anything he needs to at least have something consistent I think is worthwhile to give. For me I’d say consistency is key. For example, I don’t know who’s fault it is, but I don’t know why Batman Inc. Is already delayed. That’s where my annoyance comes in. I don’t mind if Morrison and/or Paquette need extra time built into the release schedule, or even fill in artists (they don’t bother me). But Just keep it consistent. Basically a Delay before issue 1 is ok by me.

@ Lex, I would imagine, based on track records, that the delay for Batman Inc. is on Morrison, but that’s purely 100% speculation on my part.

They should always have an arc in the can before solliciting it. I’m ready to wait, because JH3’s art is fabulous, and I’m sure the book will be great, but I really wonder what’s with the delays with comic books. Surely, artists and writers are not the only people working with deadlines! The work should be done at some point! Anyway… Add to that I am not sold on Reeder’s art. Her Kate Kane looks like she’s 13 years old. She’s Batwoman, not Batkid !!! When I read Batwoman 0, I was completely annoyed by that! But I’ll give her a chance. We’re waiting for ages to get that book. I hope it’s going to be worth it!

>I< will wait forever for this book, but will everyone? Sometimes I think both companies are more facinated with the announcement of the announcement than the book itself. DC and Marvel both know certain creators need extra time for quality product and should afford them as such. I just wish they wouldn't pressue these creators that need the time with such unattainable deadlines.
And don't get me started on Image with the delays on Invincible & Guarding the Globe or every other indy to launch a book only to never see it again.

Why did they announce this character to much media fanfare years ago without having something ready to go? At worst, you produce a one-shot, you announce the character, nobody cares, and you eat the books. At best, the one-shot sells like hotcakes and you get a miniseries together, and you announce it AFTER the thing is complete.

I’m all for giving the artist time but with somebody who has a track record of taking awhile, just let them finish before you solicit the book. That way they aren’t rushed and nobody’s pissed that their Batwoman book is coming out months or years later.

Also for some reason I find it hilarious that Kathy Kane is described as “lesbian socialite.” Kind of like describing me as “heterosexual cubicle worker.”

You will see 6 issues of William’s Batwoman on the stands before you see 6 published issues of Finch’s ‘The Dark Knight’, I would wager.

We should all be grateful the J.H. Williams III is even doing a Batwoman monthly. An extra 2 month wait should be no problem at all.

Yet another series issue delay from DC – Why does it seem that this particular subject keeps getting placed on the back burner? Look DC.. Either you WANT to do a series that involves complex story lines and characters, and actually bring your readers into the modern era OR you don’t. Hire some folks with great ideas and commitment skills or don’t.. Stop jerking your readers around. I for one like the idea of a strong independent lady taking on injustice and kicking some modern ass – and then add the complexity that she is not obtainable (to own) by any man..! That just reeks of success.

Disappointing news, but not terribly unexpected.

I guess we’ll know more when and if the DC solicits ever come out.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does as a writer. That little ad blurb they ran a couple weeks back sounded really fun, the “genre-bending” aspect of it at least, plus I’m just a huge softie in general for seeing what people who’ve been historically categorized in the “artist” category are allowed out of that cage… Williams’s work always seems so thoughtfully constructed in how he presents information visually that I think it’ll be really educational to see how he handles things when he’s in total control, even if he turns out unsuccessful at it. Fingers crossed for him, anyways.

If know one believes that Williams could not finish this as scheduled, you are crazy. This is just him trying to be too perfect.. Nearly a year and they don’t want to release the issues. Are issues 1 and 2 finished? If not 3 and 4 fwill also have delays, in between issues.

Really, is he simply erasing pages and starting over? I would really like to know the answer why it would take 3-4 months to finish 20 pages, my god arhghreyeriiy!!!

“and then add the complexity that she is not obtainable (to own) by any man..!”

Then she can just be obtained(to be owned) by another woman.

Reginald VelJohnson

January 19, 2011 at 4:19 pm

“Look kids, don’t let anybody tell you any different, okay? The reason [comics] don’t come out in time is because [the creators] don’t work on them. It’s not because it’s impossible. It’s not because the guy’s putting so much into it that it just can’t be done. Okay? They’re just not working at speed. Alright? I’m sorry guys, but that’s the truth. Admit it.”

– Darwyn Cooke

I reply to your comment…. I don’t think BW can be owned at all – but knowing that there is a bit of “lady action” between the… pages…. would make for great conversation.

I’m not too bothered about this. I’m more than willing to give Williams the time he needs to do the best work he can. He’s one of few artists that pushes the medium forward. So, I’ll be there with my $3 when #1 hits (hopefully sooner rather than later). Also, I’d rather consecutive issues in a timely fashion after a delay than months in between new issues.

Matthew Southworth

January 20, 2011 at 3:14 am

I’ll wait as long as it takes for an artist to do his work. It took Dave Stevens years to get out issues of the Rocketeer, and look at how beautiful that book was. It was worth waiting for, far more valuable to me than having gotten dozens of less-attractive books.

Darwyn Cooke is one of my favorite creators, and from what I understand he’s also very fast at his work, but even in light of his comment quoted above by Reginald VelJohnson, he doesn’t do monthly books. He did CATWOMAN for four issues and had an inker, and he did twelve issues of THE SPIRIT with an inker–but for the most part he does graphic novels and shorter series. I think that gives him the time and the space to do such exceptional work.

The comics business is set up so that things are announced and solicited long before they’re complete, and many obstacles can arise in the meantime. We were very late on issues of STUMPTOWN, but only some of the reasons for that were my own slowness. If it takes JH Williams longer to do great issues of BATWOMAN, then I’m perfectly willing to wait.

I’m not really that bothered that its going to be late, but thats only because with Rucka off the character, I’m not as interested.

Why oh Why does DC insist on having artists write their own titles? And especially slow artists like Finch and Williams? It just does NOT make to me at all.

That should read:

It does not make SENSE to me! ;)

I’m all for artists and writers to get enough time to do their best work, but at some point, if they take too much time, they risk loosing their readers. I will buy Batwoman even if it’s late because : 1) I am a big fan of Batwoman; 2) great female characters are hard to come by in comics; 3) great lesbian characters are even harder to find; 4) JH3’s art. But if I had not that many good reasons to wait for the book, I would not bother. I am patient enough to wait, but there is a limit!

If there is a second arc to Stumptown (a very good, quite entertaining book, btw), I will probably buy it because I am a big, longtime Rucka fan. But there was so much delay on that miniseries that, when I finally got the forth issue, I had forgotten all about it. I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t even remember the story wasn’t finished yet, and I didn’t care anymore. That kind of thing makes me buy a lot more TPB than issues. At least, I get the whole story!

Well, this confirms that I’ll wait for the trade or collect digitally once enough issues have been released.

I was thinking of picking this up monthly, but I’m expecting that this will be the first of many delays for the book. And I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll wait as long as I need to for JH3’s art-awesomness and really enjoy Amy Reeder’s as well. I just find that inconsistent shipping takes away my enjoyment of the story to the point where I often completely forget what’s happened in issues before and don’t have time or patience to go back and re-read. I hope that this advance delay (advance delay???) of the first issue shipping does help the book stay monthly when it launches, but I’m doubtful. I’ll definitely trade wait.

@RV – I agree with you there – “Add to that I am not sold on Reeder’s art. Her Kate Kane looks like she’s 13 years old. She’s Batwoman, not Batkid !!! When I read Batwoman 0, I was completely annoyed by that! But I’ll give her a chance.”

I was a little put off by her art – not a big fan. I’m hopeing it get’s better and not too cartoonish.

I absolutly thought JH3’s art was magnificant. Not only that, he made Kate freaking SMOKIN HOT! His stuff is a bit dark and edgy – two things I love. Especially with the Batwoman stuff – I think it works perfectly for her stories. The delay sucks by the truck loads but if it means better artwork/stories, then a few more months of waiting is worth it.

@ Katz
I think dark and edgy art is especially suited for a character like Batwoman. I admit I am not familiar at all with Reeder’s art. Is her work always cartoonish? I am not into comic books which look like kids stuff.

By “kids stuff”, I mean design for a young public (not “it looks like a kid drew it”).

@RV: Not very familar with Reeder’s stuff either – I’ve only read a handfull of her stuff, but it feels (for me anyways) a little too ‘cute’. You know what I mean? Her stuff is good for Supergirl and the like. Just not great for Batwoman. But I’m gonna have to wait and see what she comes up with for Kate…

Amy Reeder’s art looks a bit like manga stuff. I’m not a fan of manga art…

Thank you for your answer (even if it’s not very reassuring!). I, like you, think it’s a bit too much manga-like to my taste. And I know what you mean by “too cute”. I had the very same thought. I am sure it would look interesting for Supergril (or her fellow young heroes), but I am not certain for Kate. But I’ll wait and see.

And it didn’t ship in April, amazing

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