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Don’t tase me, Jones! Real-life superheroes patrol Seattle

Phoenix Jones poses with some fans

Shades of Kick-Ass: A group of self-styled superheroes are going a step beyond cosplay and attempting to fight crime in real life, although their most notable achievements so far seem to be drawing attention to themselves and giving the Seattle police headaches. The Rain City Superheroes patrol the streets of Seattle giving food to the homeless and watching for crimes to stop, but things turned sour recently when their flagship character, Phoenix Jones, tried to break up a fight and ended up with a broken nose.

Up until then, the Rain City Superheroes were a bit of a local phenomenon, a fun story for a slow news day. While they rigidly maintain the secrecy of their identities (Phoenix Jones claims to have a wife and a day job), they allowed a camera crew to follow them on patrol, and they were recently interviewed on Good Morning America. Jones has a logical explanation for his costume—it’s bulletproof (including a bulletproof cup) and makes him instantly recognizable to police. (There’s a flaw in that argument, of course—if I were a criminal in Seattle, I’d be shopping for capes, so the police wouldn’t shoot me.) Jones explains his costume, and even shows off his secret hideout (a comics store) in this video for CBS News.

And in a true Battle of the Real Life Superheroes, Jones has raised the ire of Mr. Ravenblade, who claims that he is the original Real Life Superhero and that Jones and the others are ruining his brand. Ravenblade’s offer to mentor the Rain City Superheroes seems to have gone unanswered.

Perhaps Mr. Ravenblade is jealous: Phoenix Jones now has his own theme song, too.

(Photo from the Real Life Superhero blog.)



Someone is going to get killed….

@RatPack72 – But cops DO get killed. If this is the way the dude wants to make a difference, so be it.

These guys were out long before Kick Ass hit the shelves. For the most part they just feed the homeless. I don’t think they even carry weapons which will not stop them from stopping someone from getting beat up.

@Wes, I think the guy had like a Taser Nightstick or something ridiculous. I’m not sure how they skirt around the “vigilante” thing, but… yeah, this dude is a jackass.

#1. Your secret base is in a comic shop. It’s pretty easy to figure out you’re an employee or the proprietor of that establishment. If you piss off the wrong person by stopping a crime, there’s a good chance your shit is going to get fucked up, as well as your store and/or any customers in that store. Not to mention your wife.

#2. You revealed your secret base on the news! PROTIP: Criminals have TVs too!

#3. If your shit is bulletproof, why did you puss out when someone pointed a gun at you? :-/

Everyone knows the first real life super hero was Master Legend. That guy is dangerous.

The Golden Angle Grinder from England is also a personal fav.

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