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Eric Powell enlists Evan Dorkin for an issue of The Goon

Crossovers are no uncommon thing in comics — but some are more strange than others. If you thought the recent Hellboy/Beasts of Burden one-shot was something, wait until you see what Evan Dorkin has planned next.

The Goon creator Eric Powell tweeted Wednesday that Dorkin will be coming in to work on his series. Described as one of Powell’s “funny book heroes,” Dorkin is stepping in to write The Goon #35, and Powell has even shared a peek at the cover. Dorkin, Powell and Carnies — It’ll be real interesting to see what Dorkin brings to the already off-kilter title.

My own personal opinion here, but I think Evan is very underused in comics — he did one of the best Deadpool stories ever in two issues of Agent X. If you’ve caught up on Dorkin’s major works, this little-known gem is definitely worth a look in your local store’s back issue bin!



Dorkin’s Agent X was pretty crappy compared to Gail’s, but way better than Daniel Way’s. I don’t expect too much here.

You don’t expect too much, based on his Agent X writing? That’s like judging Neal Adams based on Batman: Odyssey.

Have you read Beasts of Burden? Or World’s Funniest? Or Dork? Or Milk and Cheese? Or his stuff in Bizarro Comics?

Evan Dorkin can write (and draw) good comics.

Evan Dorkin is one of the most singularly awesome creators to work in comics today. Respect!

Evan Dorkin and Juan Bobillo Agent X 2-parter is still among the funniest comics I’ve ever read, it’s good to know more people remember it too. Looking forward to Dorkin and Powell collaboration!

I think every comic in existence should have at least one issue written by Evan Dorkin. By law.

Can we get a Goon/Beasts of Burden x-over please?

The Goon is my favorite comic being published right now. And, it was Dork and Milk & Cheese that got me reading comics again after about five or six years away.

So yeah, this has leapt to the top of my pull list. If it’s in the same league as the fantastic Hellboy/Beasts of Burden crossover then I am a happy camper.

I thought the two issues of Agent X written by Evan Dorkin were both pretty good. Then again, I’m not a big Deadpool fan so maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much.

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