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Exclusive Preview | Irredeemable #21

Irredeemable #21

Courtesy of our pals over at BOOM! Studios, we’ve got one more thing from them to show you in honor of our big birthday bash — an extended 13-page preview of Irredeemable #21, which comes out later this week. With the Plutonian getting a new line of work (whether he likes it or not) thanks to the Vespa, it looks like Earth can breath easy. Looks like, anyway …

Check out the preview after the jump.


Here’s the description from BOOM!:

Writer(s): Mark Waid
Artist(s): Peter Krause
The merciless alien race know only as the Vespa have invaded Earth and proven that even the Plutonian can’t stand in their way. With Modeus’ true nature revealed and the Paradigm outnumbered — global hysteria reaches a fever pitch and the stakes have never been higher. After last issues shocking ending, nothing will ever be the same for Plutonian again. A game-changing issue of the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated sensation IRREDEEMABLE only from Mark Waid and Peter Krause!
Diamond Code: NOV100812

Irredeemable #21

(Thanks Ivan and Chip!!!)



Hey, that’s great stuff!

Cary doesn’t want to give up half his powers to his brother again, that’s why…

Max Damage is the 3rd Summers bro— oops wrong storyline……Cary uh…oh I got it! Cary doesn’t want to go back to being single and writing about the escapades with his 3 friends drinking cosmop—wrong Cary……damn, I give up….why doesn’t Cary want his brother found?

I’m more interested in the names/identities behind “Quibit”, “Scylla”, and “Charybids”/”Cary”/”Survivor”. Where did these guys get their powers FROM?

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