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Exclusive Preview | Wolverine and Jubilee #1

Wolverine and Jubilee #1

If you saw the preview of Wolverine and Jubilee #1 that Comic Book Resources ran last month, you know that Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto look to be hitting it out of the park with a mini-series that reteams Wolverine with his old sidekick, the newly vamped out Jubilee.

Courtesy of our friends at Marvel Comics, we’re pleased to bring you even more pages from the January-shipping title as a part of our birthday bash. Check it out after the jump


Wolverine and Jubilee #1

Here’s the solicitation text:

Variant Cover by NIMIT MALAVIA
Rated T+…$2.99
FOC – 12/20/10, On-Sale – 1/19/10

(Mighty marvelous thanks to our friend Arune!)



This looks fun. Good to see Logan and Jubes back together. The Wolverine run in the 90s, around issues 65-75 or so, showed what a cool team they can be. Looking forward to this one!

That’s idiotic. Why can’t this be followed up in X-Men (v3)? It hasn’t been cancelled, Victor Gishler (sp) can clean up his own messes.

As much as I’m glad that Jubilee is getting some attention, I really can’t wait until someone decides it’s time for a “back-to-basics” approach for her.

Though I pray everyday that Wolverine will get kicked out of the Avengers,(c’mon Bendis,haven’t you heard of over exposed,much less the fact that Avengers aren’t suppose to be murderers) I just may check this out .

I’m not sure why anyone thought this Jubilee as a vampire was an interesting route to take her character. I get that she doesn’t have her original powers but this isn’t exactly the path a writer should take her to make her relevant or compelling because it’s like some bad cast aside plot point from The Vampire Diaries.

I am glad to see her getting the spotlight and to see her paired again with Logan but I hope they clear up this vampire nonsense sooner than later and get moving on having a Kitty appearance as well.

I’m unfamiliar with Noto’s work as an interior artist as I’ve mostly seen his fantastic cover work so I’m wondering if what is seen here is typical because I find it rather unremarkable or maybe just not best suited for this title/these characters.

nice to see Wolverine and jubilee back together even if marvel decided on lets make her a vampire and then have wolverine have to be responsible for possibly curing her. instead of finding some other way to reunite her with the x-men like she develops new powers. or some one finds a way to reverse the Scarlet witche’s little no more mutants.

Vampires make comic nerds so mad.

Hopefully, this will end in the usual fashion when it’s proved Jubes can’t control her vampire side and wolvie takes his patented Rachael Van Helsing solution to the problem.

I don’t hate Jubilee but this isn’t a place I think the character should be going and I think she’d be better off dead.

You don’t like the character’s direction so you think it’d be better…to kill her off?

Definitely fits a modern Marvel/DC ethos, but I’d like to think we could be a little more creative (or just less bloodthirsty). I’m not a Jubilee fan either, but I’ve seen her in good stories a few times. A good writer can work wonders with weak characters. Failing that, just send her off to Europe or something. The last thing the X-books need is more death-angst.

I actually liked the situation she had in New Warriors vol. 3 where she was using tech for powers. I would have liked if they had continued along those lines.

I’ll admit, I’m surprised to find I’m interested in this. I like Jubilee and Jubilee/Wolverine. While Jube’s fluctating age is an annoyance, I’m hoping to see some good characterization.

That said, I hope it doesn’t end with ‘poof and they were all cured’ While I hate Vampilee, I don’t want a magic pill to fix it. It’s a bad choice, but go forward.

I agree with Kyle. Why can’t this storyline be continued in Gischler’s X-Men? It’s Marvel’s way of pumping out books to gain the upper market share. Don’t get me wrong. I love Jubilation Lee, but why are we dealing with her problems while Kitty Pryde is still stuck in her phased form?

You lost me at Vampire Jubilee. And I dig the creative team too…

I have a bad feeling this book will be 90% Wolverine and 10% Jubilee. Jubes has been used as little more than a plot device or damsel in distress for Wolverine for years now, even though her entire point was originally to rescue Wolverine and keep him in check as a positive, fun-loving counter-point. Where’s her thoughts and perspective?

I miss the gutsy Jubilee who wisecracked and outsmarted bad guys who Wolverine couldn’t beat with his claws. The character who grounded his comics in some reality and said what the reader was thinking.

This mini series should end with some dramatic moment where Jubilee dies, but then comes back to life as her regular firecracker self, putting an end to both the vampire nonsense and her deep mis-characterisation. She’s been practically unrecognisable ever since she left the X-Men.


January 10, 2011 at 8:51 am

This is what the creators alway meant to do since wolverine first fight with the hulk. He was supposed to have a litter sister(maybe adopted) and Wolverine joined the X-men so in-return they could teach his litter sister that was a Vampire how to control herself but the idea was dropped. Hence his motive for being a X-man.
They thought Wolverine being to Violent would not be popular enough to just-fie having a Vampire sister. LOL They alway meant to introduce her but never got around to it.So this is a Very old concept the revived.
Took there time didn’t they.

Now I am not saying it’s a good idea or a bad idea to just that it’s a Very Very old one X-men Writers wanted to do and never got to.

Check out the first reprint giant size first appearance of weapon x /hulk fight you will see it in the interview in the back of the book. Been called lying on this but it’s true.

Vampire sidekick/sister was the X-man that never was.

Will she stay Vampire? Well they just said that Wolverine’s Blood could mutate her.
Sounds like a New set powers down road if she eats the wrong guy (let’s say a sip of hulk) and did Wolverine forget he has this Sentinel nanites Crap in his Blood from weapon X days that make him blood thirsty?

And Monet one of Jubilee best friends and was a long time Victim of Vampiric Marius.

How will Monet react? Monet Hates Vampire creatures but it was revealed that Marius conditioned her to like/addict her to being food)vampires are her drug and she hates them. How will Jubilee React ? And for that matter what will happen if Marius(want-to-be vampire shows up) shows up?

Now this is what I want to see!!!

I am a big Monet fan! But I always thought Jubilee defeated Emplate was Kind of Round One battle.
And that Emplate was a kind of stupid Rippoff of regular Marvel Vampires.
I mean if you want to have a Mutant Vampire have one BUT Emplate?

So I think we Will Be see Monet and Jubilee in the future!
At least I can hope!

For now I will trust the writers to do something Cool!

Just read this via comixology. While I don’t read the snooks consistently anymore, I try to make an attempt to catch up with all the old gen xers when I get the chance. It was fun to have chamber and jubilee on the new warriors, and while I’m not thrilled about the vampire idea, it does open up a whole new dimension for her character — a darker plot line than maybe she’s ever had. I’m slightly confused how she’s only 17 in this book (for some reason I thought she was 19 or so — especially when we checked in with her after m-day.) maybe she was only like 13 in gen x or something? Who knows. Monet seems much older than a teenager, and I didn’t think she was much older than Jubes. Anyway, I will always hold out hope for a gen x reboot (hey it happened for the new mutants) but in the mean time I’ll just have tone content with vampilee

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