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FCBD: Darwyn Cooke’s wearable art

Darwyn Cooke, creator of DC: The New Frontier and Parker: The Outfit, has mixed up a bunch of DC’s iconic characters for this year’s Free Comic Book Day commemorative T-shirt. This is the second year the FCBD has had a T-shirt; last year’s was done by Sergio Aragones, who Cooke acknowledges is a tough act to follow:

“I looked at last year’s shirt design by Sergio and there simply isn’t any way to top that in one image,” said Cooke. “This brought me to the idea of celebrating the form with the design, and putting all our info into a classic comic page layout. The rest became quite easy because the decision to go that way led me to doing VERY poppy, iconic images for the panels that had fun with the idea of the DC heroes in the store.”

He talks a bit more about his creative process and his favorite comics store (Strange Adventures, in Halifax, Nova Scotia) at the FCBD site, and he adds that while 2011 is going to be a “quiet year,” he is working on an original graphic novel that will be formatted as an ebook. (Cooke expanded a bit on this a in his New York Comic-Con spotlight panel).

The shirts come in sizes ranging from small to XXL and in three colors: Orange, denim blue, and black. There’s more information in the January Previews.



ARE there any comic shops named “The Hall of Justice”? That would be pretty cool!

There were 2 where I was growing up in Queens, NY. Hall of Justice I and Hall of Justice II. I think they had the same owners.

I don’t know that I want it as a shirt, but a print would be nice.

Brigid Alverson

January 19, 2011 at 1:14 pm

I’m with you, majorjoe23. I wish they would do a poster of this.

I’d buy that print in a heartbeat!

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