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Got $40,000? Let’s make a comic!

The online market site Etsy has been a boon for entrepreneurial-minded artists, but this recent find by our lead Robot JK Parkin takes the cake — an artist is offering to custom-make a comic book for you… for only $40,000!

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a custom comic book or graphic novel featuring you and your story. Memorialize your wedding, your last summer with your friends or classmates, a poignant event in your family history, or your own unique life experience,” says artist Rigel Stuhmiller in her Etsy post. “You will receive 40 hardbound copies of your book, either full color or black and white (your choice), each 32-pages long.”

For only $40,000, Stuhmiller will create a 32-page comic based on your story and print 40 hardbound copies for you to keep. Stuhmiller keeps the copyright — but you get the book.

Hey, let’s start up a Kickstarter fund for $40,000 to get CBR head honcho Jonah Weiland’s amazing but true life story finally put down into comics form. What do you think?

Huh? Where’d you go?



Holy cow, I hope nobody falls for this highway robbery. $40k/32 = $1250 a page. That’s INSANE, even by AAA-list Big Two writer/artist standards, I’d imagine.

You get forty books apparently so its more like 31 dollars a page but I still think that’s insane. Even more so when you factor in the fact you’re paying somebody so they can take your ideas and keep the copyright for themselves. No way I would do that.

YES! Let’s do this! I can finally share with the world the story of when I was almost killed by a churro salesman in Tijuana, Mexico – TRUE STORY!

Didn’t John Byrne basically do this recently for around $30k an issue?

There MUST be a cheaper way to create a comic. From the samples shown, Parkin seems more suited to doing illustrations for a children’s book. There’s no proof he’s able to use words and pictures co-dependently.


Give me $10,000 and I’ll make “The Jonah Weiland Story.”

Nope that’s about right.
5,000 to write it.
5,000 for pencils (150 dollars a page)
5,000 for inks (150 per per page)
5,000 for colors
plus 40 hardbound copies on LULU for example will cost nearly 800 dollars alone. And those are base prices for a Beginning DC.Marvel level talent.

Still, its not his story. You’re paying the guy to make money off of you without any sort of benefit. It should be a co-ownership deal.

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