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Infinite Vacation teasers: Now I want to read these magazines

Infinite Vacation teaser

Image Comics wraps up their series of teasers for the new Nick Spencer/Christian Ward miniseries, Infinite Vacation, with two more faux magazine covers. I kinda wish I could read that National Geographic, as I’m curious what a Pomplamoose is (besides a grapefruit in French).

The first issue was quite popular in our Food or Comics? column this week, and it arrives in stores today. Anyone read it yet?


Infinite Vacation teaser



Pomplamoose is a band, just so you know. They have stuff on YouTube and were recently in a commercial (I forget which).

They were the band singing twee versions of Christmas carols in all the Hyundai ads. Their stuff on YouTube is much better…I’m especially partial to their version of Earth Wind & Fire’s “September.”

They also have an awesome version of “All the Single Ladies.”

The ‘Beat It’ cover is the best if you ask me, but they’re a all-round fresh duo, that’s for sure (and much thanks to this thread and its commenters for helping me discover this great band!)

I’ll check them out!

Fleet Foxes is a band too…

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