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Is a Walking Dead video game in the works?

The Walking Dead #50

Could the popular zombie series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard be moving from comics page to television screen to game console? Signs point to … maybe.

Video-game website 1Up reports it received an invitation from Telltale Games to a Feb. 17 event at which the developer will announce five new multi-platform projects, including “one based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it.”

It’s a fine bit of hyperbole that, nevertheless, hints at The Walking Dead, whose TV adaptation broke ratings records for AMC and received critical acclaim (including a Golden Globe nomination). The only other “just-launched property” that comes to mind is Cartoon Network’s Young Justice. However, that fledgling series has yet to achieve the heights — or the hype — of life-changing popularity.

As 1Up’s Frank Cifaldi notes, while there’s no evidence to push this beyond a tantalizing theory, the property “fits Telltale’s style of games rather well.” The San Rafael, Calif.-based company has developed episodic games based on CSI, Wallace & Gromit and Jeff Smith’s Bone. It’s now working on series for the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future franchises.



or it could be The Avengers : Earths Mighiest Heroes

I don’t think its “popularity is changing life as some know it.”

Am I the only one thinking that Walking Dead would make an amazing MMORPG?

That doesn’t exactly sound like a solid recipe for an addictive V-game. A typical setup would be something like this:

“Okay, I’ve just woken up from a coma and have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. Can’t have been that long, since I can still use my legs. This hospital is surprisingly empty. Where’s the nursing staff? And why’s this door’s barricaded?”

Remove Plank?

“Strange that they’d go to so much trouble to close this door and OH MY GOD, these people are seriously sick! Better close off this quarantine wing again!”

“Geez! One of the patients somehow escaped through when I wasn’t looking! And he’s walking towards me… very… very… slowly… looks like I have enough time to get back to my room to reaquantice myself with how I use my handgun.”

“Okay, this handle locks the bullets in place, and this underside reloads them, though I only have enough bullets to kill six of these guys at once. Why’d I tell myself what I already know? Oh, and the zombie’s managed to find me. Guess I should conclude my lesson by firing… waitaminute – I’ve only got six bullets. I should use something else.”

Use Bedpan?

“Cool! A partner to help team up with me to blast away these zombies. Okay, lets go out and – LOOK OUT!”
(five seconds later)
“Don’t worry. It’s just a flesh wound. Its not as bad as it looks… hello? You CAN’T be dead! I’ve got a medkit and everything! And they’re coming again!”

Run Away?

“The hell I am! You’re not dead, you’re just resting. I just need to get you to a hospital and – hey, you’re getting back up! I knew that – hey wait, what’s that look in your eyes – Get back!”

Shoot Friend?

“My God, what have I done? No time for regrets. Better leave him behind for the hordes to feast on his still tasty flesh.”

Eat Friend?
> No

“I’m NOT resorting to canabalism! At least not yet. Oh hey! There’s some more living people! And it looks like they’ve got a solid house that’ll stand up to repeat attacks! And my wife & kid’s still alive there! This looks like a wonderful community with quirky characters who’ll support each other while we face against the next horde of -”

Girfriend has left the party
Boyfriend has left the party
Bartender has left the party
Husband has left the party
Cute little girl has left the party

“What’s going on? Why’s everybody dying before the zombie’s even getting here?”

Leave Party?

“Let’s get outta here. This place’s too dangerous. Hey, here’s a prison facility that looks pretty well guarded. My wife and kid and the others who’ve followed me should be safe here -”

Black guy has left the party

“Okay, one of the prisoners is a serial killer and -”

Chick magnet has left the party
Serial Killer has left the party

“Well, that’s one less threat to worry about. Now we just have to worry about the zombies and supplies and – are you pregnant?”

Baby has joined the party
Tank has joined the party

“How did you get pregnant without me? Waitaminute – tank? What do you mean we’re at war against a rival camp? I thought we were going to be shooting zombies and stuff!”
(Huge explosion rocks the prison)

“Oh god, I’ve just lost everybody I ever cared about. I’m so alone…”

Put shotgun in mouth?



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