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Jill Thompson visits Riverdale

Twitter is a wonderful thing — it allows people to speak and share their mind, and in the case of comics, show off cool artwork. After Eric Powell broke the news that Evan Dorkin was guest-writing an issue of The Goon, Dorkin’s Beasts of Burden partner Jill Thompson posted an interesting sketch of her own:

That’s right: Jill Thompson drawing Archie’s Jughead and Betty. On her Twitter feed, Thompson simply stated “so I’m doodling these guys… I think they work in my style.” Seconds later, she posts a painted version:

Before readers get their minds going, this is probably just an exercise and not some tease of Jill Thompson working on an Archie project.

But what do you think, readers — how does Jill do drawing Archie?



Sold! Her style would be great on Archie. Having only read a couple of Archie comics in my life, I would run to pick this up based on Jill Thompson’s beautiful art alone.

If there was just a slice of life Archie comic, and not the usual wacky hijinks, I think it would sell really well, particularly in their new magazine. Just short 8 to 10 pages of them on dates, picnics, theme parks, etc. talking about bullshit would be really nice.

I think it works best due to the jux of very modern archie characters rendered so UNlike any other archie-verse work I’ve seen.

I would buy a Jill Thompson drawn Archie comic but then again I will buy anything by Jill Thompson!

Is it just me, or does Betty’s necklace charm look suspiciously like a razor blade?


Hopefully the people at Archie comics see this and hire Jill. It would be weird buying an Archie comic at my age, but I would if Jill were illustrating it.

People read superhero stories with grotesque murders, and yet they feel weird buy Archie comics?!?!

Man, you missed out. Jughead #200 was fantastic!

mr. pants, are you by any chance Zack from The Big Bang Theory?

Sir Manley Johnson

January 29, 2011 at 1:18 am

Who’s that guy wearing Jughead’s crown? Nice work really, but I like my traditional Archie style. She should just start her own comic about contemporary kids.

@Sir Manley it’s a SKETCH.


Nah. I just find elitism/”maturity” in comics fandom to be really stupid.

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