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Comic Couture | Keep your head warm … as Hell(boy)

About to step out into the cold and need something unique to protect your noggin?

An enterprising comic store in Massachusetts called Hub Comics is selling hand-made Hellboy hats for $20, as seen recently on the retailer’s Twitter feed.  No word yet whether Mike Mignola’s signed off on this, but it seems like a creative (and cozy!) adornment for any nerd or geek in your life.



Hey, that’s me!

We didn’t actually can’t claim credit for those: there’s a local artist who produces those and also Brain Slug crocheted hats (which we also sell). But they’re pretty nifty, huh?

(Incidentally, that’s me doing my best Hellboy face. Plenty intimidating, eh?)

That is awesome.

Jesse: If you can point us to the local artist who did it, we’ll be glad to give them credit — and a link!

Wow, that’s really quite cool. If you can make a Batman one, I’m in! Of course, I’m so rarely in cold climates, but what the hell — even San Diego gets cold 1 day a year!

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