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Marvel promotes Tom Brevoort to Senior Vice President of Publishing

Tom Brevoort

Not to be outdone by his former fellow Senior VP – Executive Editor and (Cup o’ Joe: Marvel T&A partner) Axel Alonso, outspoken editor Tom Brevoort has been named Senior Vice President of Publishing by Marvel. Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada broke the news via Twitter while also congratulating Alonso for his ascension to the Editor-in-Chief position held by Quesada until today. Marvel tells CBR that further details about both promotions are forthcoming.

With his (imho) admirably candid Internet presence across a variety of platforms, Brevoort has emerged as Marvel editorial’s de facto voice, often to the tune of reader controversy. This has always struck me as a reversal from the “Nu-Marvel” days of the early 2000s, prior to Brevoort’s involvement in the publisher’s new Avengers and event-driven era, when the editor was viewed by many fans as a traditionalist counterpoint to/bulwark against Quesada, Alonso and then-President Bill Jemas.

In related news, can comic book publishers please take a brief break from industry-rocking publishing and personnel news for a little bit? I’m getting tired, and falling way behind on my stories.



Oh, no! Does this mean Tom will take over SUPERMAN now? Rise up, Internet!


Congrats to Tom!

Mr. Busiek, don’t joke about that. We just had JMS wreck Superman, we don’t need Lois and Clark to make a deal with the devil.

Rise up! Rise up! This threat to Superman from someone newly-promoted to a high post at Marvel must be stopped!


Sean T. Collins

January 4, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Perhaps that dashing hat conceals THE SINISTER BALD HEAD OF LEX LUTHOR?????

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