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Mike Allred’s Mad, Mad World

Mike Allred’s done it again. He’s taking a break from the Vertigo series iZombie he does with writer Chris Roberson to put together a pseudo-sequel to the compendium Madman Gargantua for a new tome dubbed Madman 20th Anniversary Monster set to come out in April.

Taking a page from his work on the innovative DC series Wednesday Comics last year, Madman 20th Anniversary Monster will be a huge book — measuring 11″ x 17″ and have a bevy of material new and old. Included in this volume are 20 new strips from friends and colleagues, virtually every single Madman pin-up from the original series and a new story by Allred himself.

Allred’s rolling out news, process art and contributions from friends on his new blog at



When will Allred be back to Izombie…hopefully not too long.

Well, the issue solicited in the new Previews shows Gilbert Hernandez as guest artist on iZombie. That’s a substitution I can live with…

Mike isn’t off iZombie. The series is set up so that every few issues, there is room for a guest artist to help him keep the pace, and he is actively involved in choosing his replacement. The fill-ins will usually tell a side story. In fact, the one about the were-terrier (#6, I think?) was originally intended for someone else, but that fell through and Mike stepped up to keep the book on track!

Thanks for the art blog plug! I’m really having fun with it, and promise to have all kinds of great previews and signed give aways. So I encourage everyone to visit and visit often.

But I do want to clarify a few things. LOTS of new Madman and Atomics projects coming fast at ya!

First, MADMAN: Atomica is the companion to MADMAN: Gargantua. Same over-sized format. This one collects ALL of The Atomics, the one-shots, It Girl, Mr. Gum, and Spaceman, ALL of Madman Atomic Comics, and lots of new bonus material. Well over 1000 pages of comics and goodies.

Second, in April will be the MADMAN Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! This is all new material with a a new epic Madman story from yours truly, plus three amazing back-up stories from Emi Lenox, Matt Kindt and Tonci Zonjic. Plus several new pin-ups. This will be in a similar format to the MADMAN King-Size Super Groovy Special from a few year s ago.

Third, we’ll be celebrating MADMAN’s 20th anniversary all next year with a big tour where we’ll try to hit as many comic book shows and shops as possible. And to set that off we will be hauling around the MADMAN 20th ANNIVERSARY MONSTER!

This will be HUGE in every way. We’re planning a 11 x 17 format similar to the Wednesday Comics collection. This, again, will have a new big story from me, and then at at least 20 comic strips from the best in the comic book biz. plus an essay by Adam McGovern focussing on creator-owned and controlled comics over the last twenty years (and those who came before, like Eisner’s The Spirit). I’m doing a giant illustration with Michel Fiffe that coincides with the article. PLUS either in the same volume, or a companion volume, we hope to collect every single pin-up from the almost 200 stellar artists who have drawn Frank Einstein and company over the past 20 years.

And, as Jamie said, no break from I, Zombie. Not anytime soon…other than the nifty folks who bless us with a fill-in from time to time (wait’ll you see Gilbert Hernadez in no.12! KILLER!). LOVE this weird wonky monster book!

Oh, Yeah…and I’m currently writing and drawing a Rocketeer story for the upcoming ROCKETEER anthology (a wonderful love letter to our late great friend, Dave Stevens) instead of sleeping at night.

MADMAN : Atomica hit some production snags but should be out in a few weeks. Everything else is ahead of schedule and on track.

I think that about clears everything up.

Thanks again!

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