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More Wednesday Comics on the way?

DC's VP – Art Direction & Design Mark Chiarello (photo by Brian Walters)

Rumors began to swirl about a sequel to Wednesday Comics as soon as DC’s weekly anthology debuted in July 2009. But now we finally have confirmation from a contributor that something’s in the works.

Bleeding Cool picked up on word from the Facebook page of Steve Rude that the Nexus artist is working on a New Gods strip for a new Wednesday Comics. Years ago Rude and writer Mark Evanier were in line to do a New Gods series but it fell through (although they did do a Mister Miracle Special sometime back). For Wednesday Comics 2 there’s no word yet whether Rude is writing and illustrating or working with someone else.

The book’s editor Mark Chiarello confirmed last June, as the collected edition was released, that thought has gone into a sequel. All this  begs the question — who else is in the book? Let’s put some pieces together …

Earlier in this year Jill Thompson told Newsarama she was approached to do a Wonder Woman strip for the first series but had to turn it down due to working on Beasts of Burden. However, she asked to be considered if Wednesday Comics came back.

During a panel at Baltimore Comic-Con in 2009, Chiarello and some of the contributors to the first series spitballed some ideas of what they’d like to see in the sequel. Read Comic Book Resource’s full report, or follow on for who recommended who:

  • Kevin Nowlan recommended Adam Hughes
  • Joe Kubert recommended his other son Andy Kubert
  • Brian Stelfreeze recommended Mike Mignola, Bernie Wrightson and George Perez
  • Chiarello recommended Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke and Walt Simonson, returning not as a writer but as an artist
  • Simonson recommended Frank Miller, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones and Perez

Chiarello even said he had a conversation with Harlan Ellison about wanting to do a Doctor Fate strip with Simonson.

That’s who the pros would like to see in a Wednesday Comics sequel, and back in 2009 Robot 6 weighed in — but what creators and characters are on your wishlist?



Michael Golden, Tom Coker, Scott McCloud?

Geoff Darrow. I can just imagine what he could do with that page size.

A romance comic by Cooke

A western by Frank Miller, with lots and lots of whores, hookers, and bullets.

“Chiarello even said he had a conversation with Harlan Ellison about wanting to do a Doctor Fate strip with Simonson.”


I’m sure there’s plenty I’m leaving out but Frank Quitely, JP Leon, Brian Bolland, Jeff Smith and of course any of my fellow Comic Twart guys.
Such a bummer that Jill Thompson couldn’t do it. Beast of Burden is one of the best books in the past few years.
Glad to know Steve Rude is doing something.

Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover on Lois Lane
Howard Chaykin and David Hahn on Blackhawk
Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler on Sandman Mystery Theater
Greg Rucka and Chris Samnee on Mlle. Marie.

Art Adams on Doom Patrol
Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris on The Question

Yeah. Its really disappointing an artist turned down an opportunity to work on company characters rather than her own.

Simonson is the only artist I wanted to see since the first one was aanounced. Id also love to see some European artists in there. The idea of Phillipe Drulliet drawing New Gods is absolutely mouthwatering. Or maybe even Hub (okko) doing Swampthing. Or Jordi Bernet doing Superman. I think I’m going to faint….

More of Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman, please.

Brendan McCarthy on Shade
Jim Lee – c’mon, obvious but would be awesome (he DOES still draw, right?)
Mitch Breitweiser on a Cave Carson / Sea Devils team-up written by Paul Chadwick (who’d be a good choice all by himself)
Tom Scioli and Karl Kesel on something w/lotsa Kirby Krackle
Chris Bachalo on something with women
Carlos Pacheco
Jason Pearson on Vigilante
Chris Ware (I know, I know, but he’s amazing at that size) — and since we’re dreaming, Seth (same)
JH Williams on Spectre
Xaime Hernandez, also with the ladies
Cliff Chiang, also with the… ok enough

wait, is it too late to add Alan Davis on GLC (he does great aliens)

Talked to Paul Pope about this, and he would LOVE to do an Atomic Knights strip. Chiarello’s into it too! Dan DiDio would have to approve though, and he’s protective of the Atomic Knights and Kamandi (he apparently turned down an Azzarello/Pope Kamandi proposal before).

Oh, and Evan Shaner on Captain Marvel, which is another obsession of mine. The pieces he does for fun at are practically Wednesday Comics on their own.

I’d like to see them go crazy and go for really obscure Showcase characters like the B’Wana Beast or Manhunter 2070. Just get really cool people to work on them.

Darwyn Cooke. Apologize, beg, plead, DC, do what it takes.

How about Bizarro Comics 2 instead?

That’s been done already, John: Bizarro World.

I’d love a third collection, though.

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