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Paul Maybury may not be a comics legend just yet, but he has proof he was a good Whole Foods employee

Mr. T, legendary bad ass and meat fan

This one has been making it’s way around the ‘net over the past few days … Paul Maybury, artist on Aqua Leung and the upcoming D.O.G.S. of Mars, used to work at Whole Foods and would regularly design promotional signs (like the one above) for the store where he worked.

Although it’s a pretty creative sign, apparently not everyone was a fan. He noted on his Tumblr blog last week, “I apparently offended a lot of people with it. Once older white lady didn’t like the angry black man yelling at her. And a Vegan didn’t like that Mr. T. pitied her because she wouldn’t eat meat.” Later he notes that he wasn’t actually fired, but “they just kind of blocked me from any sort of advances and left me with the option to more or less leave, which I did.”

He’s posted several of the signs over on his Tumblr; you can find some here, here and here. The Mr. T post was picked up by Cory Doctorow over at boingboing, a post which now has more than 100 comments … Maybury responded to some of the comments about whether or not he was a good Whole Foods employee here.



Jesus, some people will be offended by anything.

Your use of “Jesus” has just offended me.

You being offended by the use of “Jeses” just offended mr! ;-)

Your likely use of a mobile device with poor auto-correct to respond to an article post offended me.

“older white lady didn’t like the angry black man yelling at her”


I’m sure Mr.T would like to be compensated for the unapproved use of his likeness to sell sirloin steaks…

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