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Process: Becky Cloonan’s Thought Bubble Festival illustration

by Becky Cloonan

Demo artist Becky Cloonan went really deep on this post that details the process of creating an illustration for this fall’s Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, England. While you can see the final “Snow White and the Seven Comics” artwork above, click on over to her blog to see it go from pencils to color tests to inks and so on, until it was completed.



Wow, I had no idea that so many layers of work were applied to a comic page like that.

Suffice to say that it makes you appreciate the work people put into their books, even if you are vehemently against whatever storyline happens to be going on. And Cloonan is one of the more versatile comic artists out there now, seeing her art is always a treat.

Also should have added that I love the tattoos on the arm of the otherwise very classic looking Snow White. A very nice subtle touch.

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