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Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Strawberry Shortcake, Superman and sex

Hey college students — if you’re looking to woo your significant other with a night of fantasy, guys may want to consider dressing up as a Disney prince, while ladies may want to consider Sailor Moon.

L.A. Weekly has posted the results of a recent sex survey they did of 175 students from UCLA. The survey covers everything you’d ever want to know about their opinions on sex, from how much a virgin should sell their virginity for to what music they listen to during sex. Question 14, which reads “Which innocent childhood fantasies could best morph into adult sexual fantasies?,” is probably the most relevant to comic fans:

from the UCLA Sex Survey

For females who responded, an intimate night with Aladdin or Prince Charming beat out one with Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue, as well as “an orgy with a cast of anime characters.” Males named Sailor Moon — which seems a bit dated to me, but to each their own — as well as Harry Potter, Superman, the Pink Power Ranger and “Batman and Robin.”

But no Slave Girl Leia, though Star Wars did top the list of movies guys consider the “best date movie to watch before having sex,” followed by American Pie and the movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300. The surveyed women seem to prefer a romantic film, with The Notebook and Titanic taking the top spots.



”’Having sex with Matt from Digimon”?
”Oral sex with Barney”?!?
What is with these women?

Wait, Cookie Monster? Barney? Really?

Really? This was a valid survey? Time to cut Federal Money if it was used for garbage like this. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us because of the joke education sysytem we have these day.

Oral sex with Barney?!


(brain explodes)

“Time to cut Federal Money if it was used for garbage like this. ”

The survey was conducted by LA Weekly, not the school itself. I clarified that in the post.

Was this multiple choice or fill in the blank?

What kid knows about Roger and Jessica Rabbit these days anyway?

My theory is that 100% of the participants were actively trolling LA Weekly.

… Shitty survey. Sorry. I’m sure comic book fans think of things other than “Which innocent childhood fantasies could best morph into adult sexual fantasies?”. There are far more relevant things than this.

“Oral sex with Barney” – What the FUCK?!

@El Santo: Probably right.

Hurricane Islandheart

January 27, 2011 at 2:06 pm

Squashua, you need to spend more time surfing for Rule 34. Jessica Rabbit is still plenty popular. What amuses me is how women can apparently come up with her NAME while men seemingly cannot. LOL We know what was important to THOSE guys. XD

The “Oral Sex With Barney” thing is beyond disturbing, but I can see wanting to have sex with Matt. He had that mysterious bad boy quality to him that was balanced out with his parental nature towards T.K., which a lot of women find attractive, and he also played guitar.

…And I guess now I am officially an Internet Person.

The greatest Robot 6 post ever?

@Sean: Duh!

Gotta agree with Star Wars as a great pre-sex movie. I once started sex during the attack run on the Death Star and I gotta say I strongly recommend it. “Stay on target… stay on target…”

A few telling things about that list:

-The males listed Superman rather than Wonder Woman as a fantasy.
-Some people seemed to have trouble dividing partners apart. The women wanted Aladdin & Jasmine, while the men wanted Roger Rabbit AND his wife?
-An “Orgy with Anime characters” could mean ANYTHING. It could include ANY commercial Anime show, not just Harem shows.
-There’s far more variety of choice for the women than the men. THEY chose G.I. Joe, and not the guys.
-Some choices are just disturbing. Barney the dinosaur & Cookie Monster???

I think the oral Sex With Barney may be referring to Barney Gumble.
Or Barney Rubble.
Or Barney Google.

Probably Barney Miller.

…………..ok, probably not.

While there’s no denying that “Oral Sex With Barney” is cause for concern, I think not enough people are freaked out by the fact that “My Little Pony” is on that list as well.

Christian Otholm

January 28, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Sad thing is that this was actually brought up by my fellow students earlier today. Specifically, which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is the most fuckable. University students are disturbing.

However! Whoever wrote down Cookie Monster is a goddamn genius.

Christian Otholm

January 28, 2011 at 2:19 pm

And in the interest of full disclosure the overall winner was Raphael. Though Leo did get some votes from the submissive types.

I suspect the reason no one’s calling out attention to My Little Pony is that nobody’s willing to admit having some familiarity with those horses. Besides, everybody knows the world of My Little Pony is rife with underlying subtext just waiting to be discovered… or so I’ve heard.

why is most of the choices girls for girls and boys for boys?

when it says “and” does that mean sex with both of them?

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