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Sean Murphy helps American Vampire go to war

American Vampire #13

Pamela Mullin announced on Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog today that Joe the Barbarian artist Sean Murphy will draw an upcoming American Vampire spin-off miniseries that will coincide with an arc in the main book that takes place during World War II. In addition, he’s also supplying the above variant cover for issue #13, where the WWII “epic” begins. Scott Snyder is writing the spin-off.

This seems to be a vote of confidence in the series, which is good to hear, as it is an awesome read each month. The comic received a lot of attention when it launched because Stephen King wrote half of the first five issues, but in my opinion Snyder’s half made up the stronger of the two stories (he has since gone on to become the regular writer on Detective Comics). Both, of course, received a lot of help from the awesome Rafael Albuquerque.

Apparently I’m not alone in my assessment, as the book made it into CBR’s Top Ten of best comics in 2010. I also gave the recent hardcover collection to both of my brothers for Christmas this year, with my younger one declaring that it “kicked ass.”

For more on American Vampire, check out CBR’s video interview with Snyder from last year’s New York Comic Con, and of course the interview Paul Cornell conducted with him last month.



This annoys me. I enjoy A.V. and want it to do well, but now they’ve just taken one book that’s good and now made it so I have to buy two to get the full story. The reason I buy A.V. is because it was self-contained. But I guess it’s time to drop it. It’s the only way I have to vote “nay” on this practice.

Yo, that’s RETARDED. Now you get an extra book by the same writer for a bigger story with one of the best artists around. Just think of it as extra issues or complain about how you don’t want to read more of what you like.

Having been laid-off in the last year, I have a tiny, tiny budget for comics. So, yeah, if I was still working, it would be awesome. But they have priced me out of the story by making two comics.

I can’t speak for Brian G., but my problem is the extra cost. You say “you get an extra book” but you never mention the extra cost involved. You simplfy it a little too much saying “just think of it as an extra issue” when you don’t also mention the extra cost it will be to follow the store.

You’re complaining about the best artist working in the mainstream today drawing a spinoff series to one of the year’s best debuts? I guess comics fans really ARE idiots.

$4.00 an issue. That’s the extra cost. I dropped X-men. I dropped Green Lantern (the next X-men), I dropped Spidey. In fact, I’ve dropped all superhero comics, and if it means I don’t need coffee or some other $4.00 luxury for a few months, I can pick up one miniseries for $4.00 an issue (acutally, around $3.00 at DJ’s Universal Comics in Studio City, CA) if I’m interested in what I’m reading. And Scott Snyder is one writer that makes me want to do that.

It’s $3. I could scrounge up an extra $3 in my couch if I needed to.

Seriously, stop whining people. This is awesome news. One of the best artists in the industry working with one of the best writers in the industry on one of the best titles in the industry from the best publisher in the industry, and you people are complaining? If $3 is really that HUGE of an investment for you, you should probably stop complaining on the internet about comic books and go look a bit harder for work.

very cool. :)

Also, I have no idea how Murphy seems to work so fast with all these books he’s taking on lately!! O.O

“Also, I have no idea how Murphy seems to work so fast with all these books he’s taking on lately!! O.”

I think most of the non-Joe and I guess now American Vampire material coming out was either finished long ago or has been in development for forever.

Great news.
For people worried for budget reasons, Vertigo has a great trade program. Buy it later and edge off the proclamations of doom.

The logic of some people baffles me.

If you can’t afford $3 in one month, I’d also suggest you stop buying comics altogether. Let alone DVDs, magazines, takeout, or that morning coffee.


Brian G and Bryant H with a post 2 minutes apart? Complaining about the same thing?

haha…. funny stuff ;)

WOW! Look if you like AV then you should like the idea of the concept growing. It’s not as if its some watering down of your beloved childhood property or some shit. Buy it if you can, or WAIT and buy it later if you can’t right now. simple. Fed up of supposed fans whining about their own consumption choices for entertainment and or griping over some corporate greed scam that compels you to buy every comic the very day it comes out. Nitpicking is one of the main reasons people don’t get fanboys. This one is totally unnecessary.

I’ve only read the first 2 issue of AV and have been waiting to pick it up in hard cover. But Sean Murphy is making it a hard choice. Hands down my favorite young artist in the industry.

So excited for this! I love Sean Murphy’s art and I think the subject matter will really fit well with his style!

Sean is the Sh*t!!
Collest style ever!
Awesome B&W!
You Americans bitch about everything… You should Live in Portugal to see what is fucked… AV from america 10€ that’s MORE then 10 Dollars!!! 3 dollars… pffff!!!

This is great news!
Sean is an amazing and proficient artist.
The guy easily cranks out a page a day of some of the best work to revitalize comics in years.

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