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Spider-Man musical fills the seats, names new lead actress

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

With its planned Feb. 7 opening a little more than a month away, the beleaguered Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark began the new year with some impressive box-office receipts, a new lead actress, and a public-relations offensive:

• Despite — or, heck, maybe because of — the injuries, technical mishaps and delays, Spider-Man is the third highest-grossing show on Broadway, raking in $1.88 million during the week of the New Year’s holiday. It’s behind Wicked and The Lion King.

• Cast member T.V. Carpio was announced on Tuesday as the replacement for Natalie Mendoza in the lead role of the villainous Arachne. Mendoza left the production last week to continue her recovery from the concussion she suffered in November during the show’s problem-filled first preview. Carpio had played Miss Arrow, one of four members in the musical’s so-called Geek Chorus, had had portrayed Arachne in several previews last month.

• Christopher Tierney, the aerialist who suffered serious injuries in a fall during a Dec. 20 performance, told The New York Times that, “for a show that’s this technically complex, four injured performers is just not strange.” Lead producer Michael Cohl told Entertainment Weekly that the 31-year-old Tierney, who’s expected to take two to three months to heal, is welcome back to Spider-Man whenever he’s ready.

• Tierney appeared Tuesday on ABC’s Good Morning America with stars Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano and Patrick Page. You can watch video of the segment after the break.



even though the thing should have been shut down the moment the latest accident happen to send chris to the hospital. . the money its taking in proves controversay sells tickets.

Spider-Man is a multi-billion dollar character. That’s what sells the tickets, the controversy only helps international awareness. Each movie individually generates multi-billion dollars. Tickets alone hit near 1 billion, then it’s dvds, toys, shirts, & videogames (+comics) Basically the greatest superhero in a live action stunt spectacular that includes more complex action ever produced in live entertainment anywhere is going to sell a buttload of tickets.

Only way it didn’t overtake the other 2 is that it’s still in preview showings only.

Also of note, the other highest grossing play: Julie Taymor’s Lion King. 2 things she knows well: 1. Top Quality 2. Selling tickets.

“Only way it didn’t overtake the other 2 is that it’s still in preview showings only.”

Doesn’t matter. Ticket prices are still the same. Probably even more. Lion King has been around for over a decade. Wicked has been around over 5 years. That it’s in third place isn’t horrible, but it’s not anything to be happy about either. It could be a sign that it’ll flash for awhile and then burn out before money is recouped.

It’s in third place behind two shows that are years old? And it’s still only in preview showings? And thats “a sign that it’ll flash for awhile and then burn out” ? I don’t get it… I think I’m missing something.

When a show is in previews, many seats are not sold at full-price. While is has been sold to capacity, it is not taking as much money in because of that fact. Wicked consistently sells at 100% capacity (it is officially the top-grossing show in B’way history) so Spider-Man will be hard pressed to ever move into the number one slot. Wicked also has a larger seating capacity than Spider-Man. Once it opens we’ll have a better idea.

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