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The Grave Doug Freshley finally sees the light

The Grave Doug Freshley is a comic with a lot of promise. It’s the story of a former farmhand and tutor who rises from the grave to seek revenge on the gang of outlaws that killed him and the family he worked for. The comic was first solicited in 2008, and some advance copies must have gone out, because it received a positive review from Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading. ComicMix interviewed writer Josh Hechinger a few months later. Hechinger (who was only 20 at the time) described the story as “[Sergio] Leone meets Looney Toons.

And then … crickets. As Hechinger explains on his blog, pre-orders were too low to justify the print run, so the comic was solicited then canceled. I gather from this post that this happened not one, but three times, which must be incredibly frustrating, and Hechinger says that this last time, when the book was solicited for an October 2010 release, he didn’t do much publicity for it because he didn’t want to talk up a book and then have it not come out — again.

This is one of those situations where digital can make all the difference, though: Yesterday, iFanboy posted the news that the comic is available on and showed off the first few pages with a demo of’s web app. (iFanboy is owned by

Curious about the comic, I opened up on my iPad to check it out, but Doug Freshley was nowhere to be found — not in the “Featured” menu, not filed under the publisher, Archaia. So I clicked the link at iFanboy to take me to the web app. The link brought me straight to the Doug Freshley catalog page, but when I logged in, that page disappeared and I was taken to a “featured comics” page that … didn’t include Doug Freshley. I did manage to track it down — it was listed under Archaia and in the Free Comics area — but only when I remembered to look under the letter “T,” because alphabetizes all titles starting with “The” with the rest of the Ts.

This puts the comic (which is quite good, by the way) at an unfortunate disadvantage. There is no way to search for a comic across apps on the iPad, so the web is still the best way for creators and publishers to promote their digital comics. That means the web and the apps have to play nice together. That did not happen here. Furthermore, in this day and age, no app should be alphabetizing comics that begin with “The” under the letter T. People buy stuff on impulse, and the more hurdles you put between them and the thing you’re trying to sell, the more likely it is that the impulse will fade before they part with their money.

All that aside, The Grave Doug Freshley is a nice comic, well written and well drawn (the art is by mpMann), and hopefully the digital release will help it find its audience.



Nice. I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first announced.

Believe it, so have Josh and I.

Josh wrote an amazing story for such a youngster, and he is getting better. We recently posted Okita and the Cat at iTunes (Arrow Publications) and his growth as a writer is clear.

But hey, we think you’ll like Doug and Bat’s adventures, and would love to do more if the demand is there. Sorry to hear of the glitch with iPad. I had no trouble finding it at Archaia via my laptop.

Brigid Alverson

January 21, 2011 at 3:15 am

Happily, The Grave Doug Freshley has appeared on my iPad, although it still doesn’t show up in the New and Notable section—this comic deserves to be front and center!

Thanks for writing about The Grave Doug Freshley and Graphicly – we’re super excited to have people check this book out.

Just to clarify on the searching issues you had, thanks for pointing out a bug in our search – we absolutely agree that sorting by “The” is not the way to go and unfortunately looks like a bug got in the way of that – but we’ve got out developers working on it and we should have that fixed very soon!

thanks again!

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