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The history of the Batmobile, as detailed in a massive infographic

From the "History of the Batmobile" infographic

A must-see for Batman fans, or, heck, infographic devotees, this nearly 166-inch-long timeline at — created using information and images culled from — charts the 70-year evolution of the Batmobile, from its first appearance in Detective Comics #48 to the Tim Burton movies to its current comic-book incarnations. Perhaps just as interesting is the inclusion, when applicable, of the actual cars on which the various Batmobiles were based. Ah, the Corvette years …

(via Screen Rant)

Batmobile History



This is fantastic. I gotta say that the TV show Batmobile is my sentimental favorite, with 1989 movie Batmobile coming in second. Also I am surprised the new Chrysler 300 hasn’t been converted into a Batmobile yet. I mean, it already looks like it’s halfway there.

They came close with the car Tony Daniel first drew in Batman #676. It’s not a 300, but the Crossfire prototype is at least in the right family.

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