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The Revolutionary TinTin turns into Tin Tin The Revolutionary?!

The resident bird-dog of all-things cool, Warren Ellis, has brought to the internet’s attention the online posting of 80s parody of Hergé’s classic TinTin, reappropriated into the then-current events of Thatcher-era Britain. Distributed in zine format then, it’s now online courtesy of Frank Lynn; click on the image for the complete pastiche strip:
The Adventures of TinTin: Breaking Free!

I wonder what TinTin and Haddock would have to say about the current state of affairs?



I gotta say, this was a pretty rad comic.
Very politically driven, obviously, but something that could be appreciated as a story too.

What I found really interesting is that Haddock and especially Tintin were just part of a much larger cast here. They could have just as easily not been known characters and I would still have enjoyed it, though it certainly grabbed my attention enough to start reading it.

I got this I think back in 96/97 as a collected book with a blue, yellow and black cover. Nice book. Somebody, maybe Haddock can’t remember is displaying a new side of himself. :D
Anyway I liked how Tintin really acted like in the Herge comics, in the face of wrongdoing he stood up for what’s right.
It is very much a period piece, though, with all the to do in the streets and protesting and all. Not too much of that in the UK nowadays.

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