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70 retailers sign up to be crushed by Godzilla

This wasn't in the job description! IDW employees flee Godzilla on the Comic-Con variant cover

IDW is launching Godzilla: King of Monsters at the end of March, and it will be their biggest single-issue launch ever, according to editor-in-chief Chris Ryall, because of a promotion that got a lot bigger than they expected: They offered every retailer who ordered 500 or more copies of the comic a custom cover showing Godzilla crushing their comic store. They expected about a dozen retailers to take part, but they ended up with over 70, which makes for a pretty impressive print run.

Ryall credits IDW employee Chris Mowry, who works in the production department, with coming up with the idea, which must have brought a few headaches, as the art team had only two weeks to do all the custom covers. Still, the result is an instant collectible as well as a great talking point. IDW will also have special variant covers for Comic-Con featuring IDW employees fleeing the giant monster. With a well known property and the creative team of Eric Powell, Tracy March, and Phil Hester, the comic already had a lot going for it, but the custom covers put it over the top. For those who are curious, Rich Johnston has posted all the variant covers at Bleeding Cool.



man, this type of thing is what we need

All I can say is that I pre-ordered this because my teen son, who has been a kaiju, particularly Gojira, fan since he was 5 years old, wants it. Once he saw the solicit, I had to get it for him.

Why am I suddenly reminded of the movie advertisments for the Americanized Godzilla?

That is one ambitious promotional campaign! Kudos to IDW for their creativity.

Brilliant marketing idea! And very well-executed. I know a few of the stores, and their likeness, within the confines of the template, are spot on. They even have the saplings in front of my local shop! Bravo, IDW.

Cool, not a fan of comics at all but i love Godzilla, so anything Godzilla must be mine…Hope the American Reboot is good too.

Dreamscape Comics of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is also participating, but keeping their cover under wraps until release day.

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