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Adams, Greene cover Dark Horse Presents #2

Dark Horse Presents #2

As they promised earlier this week, Dark Horse today sent out the two covers that will appear on Dark Horse Presents #2. The cover above is by Neal Adams, and after the jump you can find the one by Sanford Greene.

Both Adams and Greene have stories in the second issue of the resurrected anthology; Adams’ “Blood” continues in this issue, while Greene teams up with Chuck Brown for “Rotten Apple,” which kicks off this issue. Other contributors include Paul Chadwick, Howard Chaykin, Carla Speed McNeil, Michael T. Gilbert, David Chelsea and more. You can find the complete line-up also after the jump.

Dark Horse Presents #2
Covers by Neal Adams and Sanford Greene

On sale: June 22, 2011
Price: $7.99
80 pages

Creators and stories…
Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown: “Rotten Apple” Part 1 (NEW)
Robert Love and David Walker: “Number 13″ Chapter 1 (NEW)
Neal Adams: “Blood” Part 2
Howard Chaykin: “Marked Man” Part 2
Paul Chadwick: “Concrete: In a Wound in the Earth”
Carla Speed McNeil: “Finder: Third World” Part 2
David Chelsea: “Snow Angel” Part 2
Richard Corben: “Murky World” Part 2
Michael T. Gilbert: “Mr. Monster vs. Oooak!” Part 2
Patrick Alexander: “The Wraith” (NEW)

Dark Horse Presents #2



I’m really looking forward to the new Dark Horse Presents. I hope I’m not the only one!
BTW, can anyone out there confirm the rumor that Adams’s Batman: Odyssey comic has been cancelled?

“…Adams’s Batman: Odyssey comic has been cancelled?”
Says who?

Odyssey has not been cancelled.

Issue’s 7 and 8 however are planning on being resolicited.

My guess is, Mr. Adams has lost his lead time and is working on getting it back.

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