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Blaise Larmee’s spacey new webcomic 2001

Trust me, you’ll want to click this link — the image above doesn’t begin to do justice to 2001, the new webcomic from Xeric Grant winner Blaise Larmee (Young Lions). The comic’s vast starfields (and/or snowstorms) cover Larmee’s entire site, truly giving a “ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space” feel to the actions of its running, leaping, dancing, chatting characters. I’m generally a skeptic about the notion that webcomics aren’t worth reading unless they’re taking advantage of the Internet’s unique properties — no one says “I don’t use Netflix Instant because I want each ten-minute chunk of every movie to be in a separate, embeddable YouTube clip” — but when someone does do something with their digital canvas as impactful as what cartoonist (and Gaze Books publisher) Larmee is doing here, it’s worth standing up and taking notice.


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