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BOOM! Kids goes Kaboom!, to publish Peanuts comics


BOOM! Studios has been teasing “BOOM! Kids 2.0″ for awhile now, and earlier today they sent out the above image that denotes a name change for their kid’s line, from BOOM! Kids to Kaboom! They’ve also taken down the BOOM! Kids website and replaced it with the teaser.

That was followed a few hours later with this image:


with the headline “Peanuts come to Kaboom!”

Considering that Marvel is now doing Pixar comics and BOOM!’s Muppets comics seem to be in limbo, it makes a lot of sense that they’d look beyond Disney for some new licensed kids books … and who knows, maybe they have some original material on the way as well. Expect to hear more about Kaboom! this week.



Maybe with the new logo, they should team up and license with Nintendo?

I hope Jeff Matsuda doesn’t know any copyright lawyers…

Peanuts is a big coup that should do well to replace Pixar. If my nieces are any indication of today’s kids, Snoopy and friends still resonate with kids.

That said, having anyone but Schulz write the Peanuts gang, or attempting to modernize them, is bound to be a flop.

Gold Key and Dell used to publish original, non-strip reprint, non-Schulz Peanuts comics in the sixties, didn’t they? I can’t imagine original material, but I can imagine repackaged or collected versions of those comics. I’D read ‘em, anyway…

Well that was unexpected. I am extremely curious as to how Boom will be handling this license.

On one hand, Peanuts is my favorite comic strip of all time, and I don’t want to see them mess it up. On the other hand, I don’t think there’s another property out there that’s been marketed and commercialized as much as Peanuts, so it’s not like whatever they do can harm the strip in any way.

With Fantagraphics still reprinting the entire comic strip, then I would assume this is either non-strip reprints or new material.

I’ve loved what Boom! Studios has done for kids comics and all-ages comics, so I hope Boom! Kids 2.0 / Kaboom! is a big success for them.

Yeah, everyone knows the kids are hopping for more Peanuts material.

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