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Brandon Graham’s King City to be collected by Tokyopop, maybe? Hopefully?

a King City collection cover idea

a King City collection cover idea

It started out in Tokyopop’s Original English Language, or OEL, line, became one of the most lamented casualties of the publisher’s contraction, and finally found new life as a giant-sized monthly comic at Image. Now Brandon Graham tells Comics Comics’ Frank Santoro that his acclaimed science-fiction series King City may be headed back to where it all began for its eventual collected edition, to which Tokyopop presumably still holds the rights.

Graham tells Santoro that Tokyopop is getting quotes from the printer for a collected King City, ideally to be printed at the size of the Image issues rather than the book’s original digest format. Graham expects the collection to be relatively modest, perhaps with a few layouts and deleted scenes. According to Santoro, Graham’s very understanding of the situation his once and potentially future publisher is in with regards to the collection and potential price points, saying “I just want to see it in print,” regardless of what it costs.

Click the link for the full story, and for Santoro’s thoughts on how collections and the lack thereof can influence readers’ understanding of a cartoonist’s career.



King City never left Tokyo Pop. Tokyo Pop used Image to publish it.

This is good news; hopefully it keeps the larger print size ala Image.
Graham’s art deserves better than digest.

Paul, I never said it did.

FIIIIINALLY. Good for Brandon Graham, and good for me. I’ve pestered him about this a few times on his deviantart page, so he knows there will be at LEAST ONE happy fan.

I will be thrilled if this collection sees print. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the series, but haven’t been able to track down all of the individual issues at prices I’m willing to pay.

Since the only way most libraries will carry the story is in a trade collection, this is good news for me. I have purchased all the comic book issues from Image because I like the story so much, but I can’t really get other librarians to consider it unless it’s collected. So yes, I’m all for a collection.

Cool, I’ve been wanting to check this out. Kinda wish it was digest though…

I really really hope this happens. I would also love to hear similar news about Becky Cloonan’s East Coast Rising. I’m still pretty bummed about what happened to Tokyopop’s “OEL” books.

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