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Build your own Scott Pilgrim T-shirt

Build your own Scott Pilgrim T-shirt

MightyFine T-shirts, makers of the Squirrel Girl and Rainbow Galactus T-shirts, among others, have updated their MyTee application that lets you build your own T-shirts. First up is a do-it-yourself Scott Pilgrim shirt in the style of a two-player fighting game that allows you to pick what characters you want to match up — Scott vs. Nega Scott, Ramona vs. Roxy, Knives vs. Gideon or whoever you’d like to see brawl for it all.

In addition, MODOK fans should check out the site as well … right now you can design your own MODOK shirt, which includes four different designs, but per MightyFine they’ll be launching something called a “MODOK maker” in full next month. Can’t wait.


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well I now know what i’m wearing to Pax East this year! As soon as I order it.

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