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Comics A.M. | Another delay for Spider-Man? CCI hotel reservations

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Broadway | The New York Times reports the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark are considering delaying the $65 million musical for a sixth time, until as late as June, a move that would make the show ineligible for this year’s Tony Awards. Speculation about another possible postponement follows a wave of scathing reviews, reports that comics writer and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had been approached to rewrite the book, and the hiring of veteran conductor and musical supervisor Paul Bogaev to help improve the production. A spokesman for the show would only say that, “Opening night remains scheduled for March 15.” [ArtsBeat]

Comic-Con | Hotel reservations for Comic-Con International will open at 9 a.m. PT on March 9. A preliminary list of hotels included in the Comic-Con block is available on the convention website. [Comic-Con International]

Passings | Robert Samsel, a comics retailer and an early writer and editor at Wizard magazine, died unexpectedly on Feb. 18 at MidState Medical Center in Meridan, Connecticut. He was 46. Mark Seifert has a remembrance. [The Record-Journal]

The Beano

Publishing | Alan Digby, editor-in-chief of The Beano and BeanoMax, is retiring from DC Thomson after 40 years. He’ll be replaced by Michael Stirling, the publisher’s deputy head of children’s entertainment. Digby was only the fourth editor of The Beano since its debut in 1938, stepping into the role in 2006. [The Drum]

Organizations | Calvin Reid briefly spotlights the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Patti Martinson interviews brothers Ethan and Malachai Nicolle, creators of Axe Cop. [Sequential Tart]

Creators | Crime novelist Ian Rankin, who previously wrote the graphic novel Dark Entries for Vertigo, confirms he’ll pen a comic strip for Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine. [The Guardian]

Creators | Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen sings the praises of a Marcos Martin-drawn page from The Amazing Spider-Man #655. [Shelf Life]



Mysterious Stranger

February 28, 2011 at 9:12 am

There won’t be any surprises with the hotel reservation system for SDCC (unless it actually works smoothly this year). Its been jacked up for the last few years.

Why won’t it die?!?!?!

This Spider-Man musical gets funnier every month. It’s more of a tragedy than a musical nowadays.

The only way the Spidey musical could be any more delayed is if JMS and Grant Morrison were writing a script and any one of about 40 artists were drawing it.

Considering the “scathing reviews” and the reworking that is at least rumored being done to the Spidey Broadway show, does it REALLY matter they it will be ineligible for the Tony’s if it IS postponed til June??? Will a couple more months actually make it a Tony favorite???

Indeed by missing the deadline they’re probably dodging a bullet…

given all the new delays and now hiring new people to be caught up in the mess that is spider man turn of the dark one would think finaly the backers wasting all that money would say enough is enough thats it and pull the plug on the thing and put it out of its misery for good

I’m convinced that the Spiderman: Turn Off the Critics is a hoax. The backers have put up $65 million, but only half that is actually on the stage. The rest is in a Swiss bank account waiting for when the producers flee the country immediately after it closes on its official opening night. In other words, it’s the plot of The Producers brought to life.

Funny, I’d have figured from the reviews that Turn off the Dark sucks too bad on every level to be eligible for a Tony. I hope if the Tony deadline is a consideration on whether to move it back or not, there’s somebody in the room to laugh or at least snort in derision when that point is brought up.

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