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Comics A.M. | Hero author Perry Moore found dead; more on Borders

Perry Moore

Passings | Perry Moore, executive producer of The Chronicles of Narnia movie franchise and author of Hero, was found dead Thursday in his New York City apartment after an apparent overdose. He was 39. A longtime comics fan, Moore wrote the acclaimed 2007 young-adult novel Hero, about the world’s first gay teen superhero. At one point he and Stan Lee were developing the book as a series for Showtime, but the cable network ultimately passed.

Moore was outspoken about the portrayal of gay characters in mainstream superhero comics, releasing in 2007 a “Women in Refrigerators”-inspired list of ignored, mistreated or retconned LGBT heroes. He also appeared at Comic-Con International in 2008 and 2009 on the gays in comics panels. [New York Daily News]


Retailing | A bankruptcy judge on Thursday told Borders Group it can liquidate 200 of its 642 stores immediately, allowing the bookseller to begin going-out-of-business sales today. Meanwhile, publishers are expected to inform the chain at a meeting scheduled for next Thursday that they won’t ship books to the retailer under normal terms. “A company in bankruptcy can’t expect that we would extend credit in the same way as before,” one publisher told Publishers Weekly. [Publishers Weekly]

Retailing | A small fire broke out Thursday in the basement of 11 St. Marks Place in New York City, the building that houses St. Marks Comics, resulting in the temporary closing of the 27-year-old store. [The Village Voice, DNAInfo]

Comic Relief

Retailing | Jessica Rossini has still more on the closing of Berkeley, Calif., retailer Comic Relief. There’s nothing new to the article, but it’s worth checking out for the accompanying photo of manager Chris Juricich loading longboxes into the back of a hearse. [The Daily Californian]

Passings | Mark Evanier writes a remembrance of Joanne Siegel, wife of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, who passed away on Monday. The Los Angeles Times also publishes an obituary. [Los Angeles Times]

Conventions | Shruti Chakraborty previews the inaugural Indian Comic Con, being held this weekend in New Delhi. [India Real Time]



Moore’s list was also very incorrect. I had several email exchanges with him over characters that he considered gay with no apparent evidence.

Sucks about comic relief it’s an iconic store for bay area kids.

Glad that message is gone.

Sad news about Moore. Anyone that is about promoting comics and/or Narnia in different forms of media is okay by me. I read “Hero” and I’m not sure where the ‘acclaim’ would come from because while there was an interesting story in there it was a very poorly paced and at time redundant story. I think some major editing and better pacing could make it into a quite compelling film. The overall story isn’t novel length worthy. The significance of the book at a gay hero is still a milestone and hopefully will bring comfort to his family that he lives on.

The ‘list’ he compiled is really just a list of ‘Bad Stuff That Happened to Heroes…And Who Are Also Gay” because the things listed have happened to any/all heroes and are very much not unique to gay heroes. The underlying point of a mistreatment/poorly handled is valid but not completely substantiated by this list.

Scary new about St. Marks Comics, sounds like the damage may be to an extent that they’ll be re-opening which is a comfort.

I wonder what will happen to the proposed Hero TV series and such, now?

I-Ching, in addition to the list being full of stuff that happens to all comic characters, it also had several not gay characters on it, including Invisible Kid and Green Arrow 2. When I contacted Moore and gave him ample evidence of them not being gay, he blew me off and left the list as it was.

Zach, sorry, Invisible Kid (Post Zero Hour, aka Threeboot version) was slated to be so: “Then exiting penciller Jeff Moy spilled the beans one day and announced that it was going to be Lyle who turned out gay – but since the Legion books were getting new creators that revelation has since been shelved for the time being.”

From the list of gay characters:”ROBIN: exposed as a villain; explained that his turn to the dark side was due to his unrequited love for Batman”

What?! (Not to mention Ice, Green Arrow 2, and Jericho being on the list also.)

Shame about St. Marks. I stopped there last time I was in the city, it’s a nice place.

Hey Wayne,
I’m aware of that story (though Threeboot generally refers to the Waid/Kitson Legion), but an ex-creator’s intentions don’t really have much relevance. If it never appeared in the comics that Moy worked on, and DnA never did anything with it as the creative team, how is he gay?

Bongoes, yeah, good eye on the Robin thing. I brought it to Moore’s attention, and said that he was being inflammatory by not explaining that it was from an Elseworld’s story. He didn’t seem to care.

A man died, but by all means, let us argue more about which comic book characters are gay.

Randall, never underestimate the comics fan’s dedication to canon above all else.

Randall, you’re more then welcome to say some kind words about the deceased.

You don’t have any?

Then STFU about what other people want to talk about…

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