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Dark Horse to publish Avatar: The Last Airbender comics

Although beans were spilled when this year’s Free Comic Book Day comics were announced, Dark Horse officially announced yesterday that it is collaborating with Nickelodeon to publish a series of comics and graphic novels based on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series will launch with a 240-page graphic novel collecting the Avatar stories that ran in Nickelodeon Magazine as well as 70 pages of new material. The stories are set in the Airbender universe but outside the continuity of the series, and some of the creators also worked on the cartoon.

Dark Horse will follow up, starting in 2012, with a line of digest-sized graphic novels about the Airbender characters that will pick up where the animated series left off. It’s a logical program for Dark Horse, which has several lines based on popular movies and television series, and produced the Avatar: The Last Airbender art book, but it’s also interesting that the Avatar franchise seems to have moved away from Del Rey, which published a prequel to and a novelization of the movie last year.

The new series kicks off on Free Comic BOOK Day with a free comic featuring two stories, the unpublished “Relics” and the already-seen “Dirty Is Only Skin Deep…” The Airbender comic will be packaged as a flipbook with a Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic, giving readers plenty of licensed goodness in a single hit.



SAH-WHEEET! I’ve been seriously missing The Last Airbender, and waiting for the sequel series is just too long. This is great news.

Hey, comics my daughter will want to read. Cool!

Still waiting on The Legend of Korra.

Check Wikipedia – it is the sequel cartoon to Airbender.

According to Wikipedia, it will arrive 11/2011.

Really looking forward to this. Hopefully the show creators will be involved with at least the plotting of these new books.

I expect the Del Rey deal was done by/through the film company, not Nickelodeon itself. I don’t get the impression that the show creators are crazy about the final product of the movie, so I’m not surprised they’re going a different way.

Squashua, I expect these new comics were timed to follow the debut of Korra–the animation shows what the future of the Avatar world looks like, then the comics start filling in the gap.

YEAH! This is what I hoped to have! Hopefuly they will have Zuko findind Ursa! :D

Loved the cartoon, as did my wife and daughter… I still feel like they ended it too soon (I thought there would be four season/”Books”, one for each element). But then again, the show was almost perfect as it was and it didn’t overstay its welcome. One of the better series finales I’ve ever seen too.

I’ll keep an eye out for the comics, but I wonder if it’ll be as intriguing and as well-written as the show. Too often, comic adaptations of great shows/movies seem to just fall flat.

Zuko’s mom. Need to find out what happened to her…

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