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Dialing in to David Aja

I have something to admit.

Marvel’s The Immortal Iron Fist series was one of my favorite books in recent memory. Although the title has long since fallen by the wayside, those original issues — especially the first twelve — show an amazing dynamic. From seeing the first major Marvel work for Matt Fraction (co-writing with Ed Brubaker), it also hoisted the work of artist David Aja to the mainstream. But after his run ended with the series’ 16th issue in August 2008, we’ve only seen glimpses of Aja’s work across the Marvel line — most notably the recent tour de force in Secret Avengers #5.

But with the release of this month’s solicits, a single image hints to more from the artist — and it’s not a Marvel book. Buried in DC’s May solicits is a cover Aja has done as a variant for Green Arrow #12. This could be important because for the last six years Aja’s only done work for Marvel, and this stray arrow could be a sign that Aja is branching out. In the comments to a post on his blog asking if the artist was working for DC, Aja replied back saying “Well, at least for that cover I did.”

Over on Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort’s Formspring, Brevoort stated that Aja is working on “a Wolverine one-shot he’s been working on for some time” and just finished the covers for 5 Ronin.

Whether he’s DC-bound, staying at Marvel or, who knows, signing an exclusive with Archie, the only thing I’m hoping for is more work by this dynamic storyteller.



I love his work, but is he the kind of artist that could do an ongoing or only a limited series? How long was he on Iron Fist?

Alemander: Good question, and while Aja’s no Bagley, Romita or Larsen he could do stints rotating like UNCANNY X-MEN. Aja did 1-6, 8-13 and 16 on IMMORTAL IRON FIST, and came out like this:

#1: January 2007:
#2: February 2007
#3: March 2007
one month gap
#4: May 2007
#5: June 2007
#6: July 2007
#7: Fill-in artist
#8: October 2007
#9: November 2007
#10: December 2007
#11: January 2008
#12: February 2008
two month gap
#13: May 2008
#14: Fill-in artists
#15: Fill-in artists
#16: August 2008

It will be a big shame if David Aja really is leaving marvel. David Aja did an excellent job reviving Iron Fist character and it was a big blow for Iron Fist when he left with Brubaker and Fraction.Is really sad how Marvel does not recognize and make him pencil more books, since Iron Fist, he has not done any full on going series, instead of just covers. He really deserve to pencil on-going series if not Iron Fist, he will do justice to other relevant titles.

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